Not everyone in the world believes that sustainable mobility will develop only through electric cars .. and in fact in the Far East an alliance between automotive giants is born to work on internal combustion engines with hydrogen.

The world of sustainable mobility is compact enough to say that the future will be linked to electric cars. However, there are some giants, even important ones, Automotive who strongly believe in safeguarding the internal combustion engine.

A collaboration with some Far Eastern manufacturers such as Subaru, Toyota, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Mazda was born recently to work on the optimization of internal combustion engines.

A modern Toyota with a conventional engine was used to present this collaboration which has been modified to take advantage of hydrogen. A car already exists and precisely a hydrogen Toyota Corolla, present in the Super Taikyu Series 2021 championship.

In fact, the dream of these producers is to use internal combustion engines with some modifications and exploiting the power of hydrogen as well as bio fuels. Toyota and all the other automakers in the project have great faith in technological breakthroughs as well as in the use of hydrogen.

The automotive manufacturers know that they must safeguard the planet as the level of pollution is adding very important aspects. The way to obtain pollution neutrality is in fact one of the crucial aspects of the automotive world of the next twenty years.

The batteries present inside electric cars will not be neglected by these giants but in any case this alliance wants to be a concrete and also performance alternative to these vehicles.

We have seen that Toyota has recently presented a 100% electric SUV, but also Subaru. The program of this group of car manufacturers is also to participate in races that only use zero-emission fuels to allow a careful study of hydrogen engines for two-wheelers as well.

Every single car manufacturer is trying to equate their vehicles with modifications in order to have zero emissions.
In detail, Kawasaki and Yamaha are analyzing a hypothesis for the development of hydrogen engines for two-wheeled vehicles and which would significantly change the future of mobility for motorcycles and mopeds.

As for Toyota, on the other hand, a lot is linked to the world of hydrogen. There are now very important research activities for the global Toyota Brand linked to hydrogen derived from wastewater biogas, with a process that has now been tested for 6 years. We are therefore talking about a sustainable form of hydrogen since it is produced from forms of biogas and renewable energy.

Furthermore, the cylinders must be carefully made as they must be under high pressure and made of composite materials reinforced with carbon fibers. Comparing with a petrol engine, a hydrogen engine with the same displacement has a much higher power.

We do not know if this agreement between these global carmakers will be followed by other carmakers around the world. There does not seem to be much attention in Europe for hydrogen-powered mobility and this is a shame as it could lead to a better development of this idea of future mobility.

credit photo TOYOTA media press