The German four-wheel house has decided to carry out a major restyling on its top-of-the-range flagship. Let's find out in this article the main news related to the car and engines.

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As is now common practice, Audi has undergone a mid-career makeover for its range flagship. We are talking about one of the best-selling cars, throughout history, for all those who need a representative car.

Audi # A8 has always been synonymous with prestige cars combined with a diesel engine. However, the automotive market is currently changing and Audi plans to sell more hybrid engines than diesel.

The engines

A very particular and decidedly unusual aspect until a few years ago is the cost of the diesel engine which is even € 15,000 lower than the plug-in.

The difference must be sought, above all, in the new expensive plug-in technology, which allows a truly lightning-fast shot. In fact, in the first few meters he manages to get an idea that is worthy of attention, even with the top-of-the-range petrol sedan engines.

The new Audi A8 plug-in Hybrid can count on a good 462 horsepower in total. The thermal part is an engine with a 3-liter turbo petrol V6 structure and 340 horsepower, with a maximum torque of 700 newton meters. Thanks to an all-wheel drive and an automatic gearbox, it is possible to bring a car of 5 meters and 19 cm, in just 4.9 seconds from 0 to 100 km / hour . The maximum speed, of course, is electronically limited to 250 km per hour.

The electric motor consists of a 136 horsepower electrode propeller, powered by a battery of approximately 18 kWh. The declared autonomy is around 60 km, optimal for moving around the city.

The heat engine takes over as soon as there is a need, that is after the batteries have run out and is characterized by excellent silence, an emblematic aspect of a very high quality standard.

The car remains very fluid in the hybrid system, even in the moments of transition from electric to thermal . In fact, it seems to travel in a suspended cloud, the suspensions and technology are so sophisticated that they allow absolute comfort.

How do you travel

Even in the mixed, the driveability is really not demanding and driving the car is an easy operation. Obviously, being a car of over 5 meters, it must still be considered that it cannot be driven as an ultra-compact sports car.

Road imperfections, however, are not perceived inside the car: the journey is absolutely excellent. The rear seats are characterized, as usual on an A8, by total comfort.

The rear single seats have the same comfort as the front ones and can be adjusted to really have a lot of legroom. The separation between the rear seats is achieved by an armrest, which integrates the controls for managing the seats and air conditioning.

In this case, there is a real central tunnel in which several additional compartments have been obtained. It is also possible to choose a configuration that includes two screens integrated into the front back seats, a footrest for the right rear passenger and tables for working.

Technology on board

Technology, of course, is at an all-time high, as far as the Audi A8 is concerned. Driving assistants are the most advanced, as are the technologies to illuminate the road and infotainment.

Thanks to technologies, such as camera and GPS, the car notifies the driver when it is approaching a new speed limit. In fact, a graphic appears on the screen that recommends slowing down while the accelerator pedal produces a small vibration to invite you to slow down. This little feature is simple, but really ingenious on Audi's part.

The top of the range

As for the top-of-the-range engine, a V8 with double Turbo and 4,000 cubic cm is available, combined with a 48-volt mild hybrid system, capable of delivering 571 horsepower and 800 Newton meters of torque. Combined with an 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive, this 8-cylinder can reach 100 km / h in just 3.8 seconds.

The German company of the four rings has decided to combine this powerful engine with carbon ceramic brakes, an electronically controlled rear differential and a predictive set-up.

Thanks to this technology, there is a real-time correction of the car's attitude on every single suspension. Within a curve, the car produces a suspension balance in order to compensate for lateral acceleration. The large 21-inch alloy wheels then allow the car to travel perfectly on any type of road.


Aesthetically, as regards the front aspect, Audi has made some aesthetic improvements, while maintaining the elegance unchanged. The line remains, in fact, very fluid and allows you to stand out in an area of fine elegance.

This new Audi A8 is therefore perfect to be bought and driven in person or left to drive by a driver.

Over the years, Audi has always managed to maintain the exemplary charm of the A8. The refined class and absolute comfort have never been surpassed by competitors. The heads of state, as well as the great industrialists over the last few decades, have often and willingly chosen the new Audi A8, as a synonym of distinction and manufacturing excellence.

Interesting are Audi's forecasts to sell more hybrid cars than diesels. This strategy changes what was previously synonymous with Audi's top-of-the-range engine. In fact, the Audi A8 has always been the emblem of a diesel car, while now, through the sustainable transition, it must be considered an important advancement of hybrid engines.

There is still some time left to meet a fully electric Audi A8 car, but a good starting point is already available now, thanks to the hybrid mentioned above. With its almost 60 km of autonomy in fully electric mode, it is in fact perfect for use in cities.

Clearly, as soon as the electric km run out, you switch to thermal mode, and then the cost of travel increases significantly. However, those who can spend € 100,000 and more on a car will certainly not be impressed by having to pay for gasoline supplies.

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credit photo AUDI media press