2021 is off to a great start for the oriental brand, with a new logo, a new name and a new way of being on the market.

Kia, which has always been a leading South Korean car brand, wanted to revolutionize its image earlier this year. The Kia project that seems to completely revolutionize the brand placement was presented a few hours ago.

As a first facet of change, we clearly have the name, from Kia Motors to Kia. This is a sign that needs to be analyzed in attention. The top managers have therefore decided to concentrate through this simple change of name, a whole very complex philosophy which will be realized in the coming months and years. By eliminating the word Motors, the company wants to position itself not only as a production and construction brand of vehicles, but also as a company capable of providing global solutions for sustainable mobility. It is a new style imprint and a new way of presenting oneself to the world.

As a second aspect, the logo has been completely revolutionized, now much more minimal, stylized and projected towards the future.

Kia's strategy is obviously to satisfy the needs of consumers, also obviously trying to enhance the creativity of employees and designers. The new medium-long term strategy, called " Plan S ", will develop not only a normal form of mobility, but also, as we have said, an integrated system of sustainable mobility.

Going into more detail, observing the Kia world from a consumer point of view and abandoning the strategic managerial plans for a moment, we can say that 7 new fully electric vehicles will be proposed by 2027. It is a fact that sustainable mobility, especially electric mobility, is a very interesting market in terms of productivity and sources of profitability. In fact, new technologies are able to capture many forms of investments and inventions by the various states.

Kia's will is therefore to go and present about a new model every year, in order to increase the chances of purchasing electric vehicles, in addition of course to the Kia Niro and Kia Soul.

Of course, electric mobility isn't Kia's only priority. In fact, the entire hybrid vehicle sector exists and for this reason an eGMT modular platform has been developed, an acronym for Electriq-Global-Modular-Platform that allows you to adapt perfectly to hybrid models. This platform was built by the other South Korean automotive company, Hyundai, on an 800 V architecture that will allow even lower charging times and a capacity to recharge the vehicle up to 350 kW of power.

It will clearly also be a period of innovation within the commercial vehicle segment. According to Kia estimates, the demand for electric vehicles belonging to the PBV (Purpose-Built Vehicle) segment will increase up to 5 times in a few years, to meet the needs of e-commerce and car sharing services.

And we come to the first vehicle that should come in terms of electric drive. The wait should be a few weeks: it should in fact be revealed within the first quarter of this year. It will belong to the Crossover range, with a range of about 500 km and a charging capacity in Fast Charge mode in less than 20 minutes.

Keep your eyes peeled to see the first electric vehicle in Kia's new life cycle.

credit photo KIA media press