The beautiful car from eastern carmaker Lexus won the Best Open Top Car Award in the UK Car of the Year Awards.

Objectively seeing a Lexus is not a very normal thing. In fact, the brand is present on the Italian market but covers a fairly small slice. It is part of the huge global Toyota group and has achieved great success by focusing everything on sustainable mobility. In fact, if we wanted to buy a Lexus brand car, it is not possible to buy a car that is equipped with diesel propulsion. Lexus cars are in fact only and uniquely hybrids and powered by a mix of petrol and electric propulsion.

Lexus was one of the first automakers to believe in this conversion, not least because being part of the Toyota group, it immediately achieved the green transition. One of the most aesthetically successful cars of Lexus is certainly the Lexus LC convertible .

We are talking about a very large spider that is also able to convert and adapt with its roof to a more winter situation. This car has just won its second major award in less than a week thanks to the Open Top accolade in the 2021 Car of the Year Award in the UK.

That award came following the Best Luxury Car it received in the recently announced Woman World Car of the Year.

These prizes were awarded by a jury made up of various experts from the English automotive sector.

To convince the jurors, according to a statement from the same car manufacturer Lexus, is the feeling of well -being of driving a car that has a futuristic stylistic shape, reliable as a Swiss watch and very comfortable.

Aesthetically, the car is very beautiful and has a very slender line and, in our opinion, perfectly conveys a hint of luxury. You immediately notice how the car belongs to a Premium category and to something exclusive.

The car was launched on the UK market in 2020 and was specially designed to look stunning with both the roof up and the roof down. Lexus details are definitely Premium details and can easily be compared to much more well-known brands by the vast majority of people. Comfort aboard a Lexus is at the highest levels, as are cargo space and habitability.

In terms of performance the Lexus engines are second to none and in the case of the car in question we have a naturally aspirated 5-liter V8 engine with a 10-speed automatic transmission. The time to go from 0 to 100 km per hour is just 5 seconds or less. Thanks to the slender stylistic line, the car manages to give emotions even faster, also thanks to the excellent engine of course.

Driving a Lexus LC is something that transmits entrancing sensations, perfect for being driven on a large suburban road if anything by the lake or along a panoramic road that runs along the sea. These roads are perfect to be explored in full with an extra luxury car like the Lexus LC.

credit photo Lexus media press