The American automotive house presents the seventh generation of the timeless Coupé (or spider), which made people fall in love with its extra long nose.

Fans of the automotive engine world are absolutely thrilled to know that Ford has unveiled the seventh generation of Mustang. Let's say right away that there are no upheavals for the exteriors.

The external appearance is in fact very similar to the previous version, but the novelty is linked to the engines, even more powerful and with a very rich on-board technology. The recipe that made the ancestors successful, therefore, is not overturned and maintains the very important tradition, even in this generation.

In the midst of the sustainable revolution, this new car will only be produced on petrol. Almost 60 years after the debut of the first Ford Mustang, here comes the seventh generation, after around 10 million fully satisfied drivers.

This new generation arrives 8 years after the debut of the sixth generation. An important fact to underline lies in the fact that the sixth generation is the best-selling sports car in the world. Also for this reason it is quite impossible to overturn such a perfect recipe and with such exceptional results.

There is no trace of electrification and the engines are powered only by gasoline. The structure of the engines remains the same, with the 2.3-liter 4-cylinder turbo supercharger with EcoBoost technology and a 5,000 cc naturally aspirated V8 structure.

The power it can reach is even 480 hp.

Outside it is always the usual Ford Mustang, adapted and modernized in the lines in style, while inside it is a real revolution. The platform has evolved from the previous model, and this to enhance the strengths of the style that has always distinguished this exceptional car.

The cockpit was characterized by a revolution in terms of technological innovation. The 12-inch instrument cluster is fully digital, and can change according to the mode chosen.

This display joins, in total continuity, the 13-inch central display, within which we will be able to see all the on-board services managed by the system. Clearly the compatibility with Apple Carplay and Android Auto is total, and this allows this beautiful car to be spread all over the globe.

The exterior has been refreshed with new details, and a clever addition of extra muscle. The front, sees very thin headlights, which almost hide in the front grille. The rear lights are the same as those of the sixth generation, refreshed in a more contemporary style.

Very important is the rear extractor in the 5000 cubic cm version, which is made in a very muscular way… and it is hardly noticeable.

Mustang engineers have created a sportier and more responsive car when cornering. The dynamic behavior is decidedly more advanced, reducing the filters between the steering wheel and the wheels. The steering is even faster and more precise than in the past, and this produces a clear advantage towards the customer and driving pleasure.

Clearly the Ford engineers have also decided to create something more for those who want to draw from the world of racing. There is in fact a special version, called Black Horse. It is very difficult not to notice it, as it is immediately recognizable by the burnished details of the bodywork and some specific badges.

Compared to the “normal and ordinary” version of the 5-liter, there are some mechanical measures that aim to raise the bar to truly top performance. The camshafts of the v8 engine have an even more exaggerated profile. The throttle body is double and also increases the air flow rate in the cylinders, where cooling is ensured by an oversized system. The fan is larger and therefore there is more heat dissipation.

In this way, the power that can be achieved is 500 horsepower in this special version.

There are also changes to the frame, now more rigid thanks to the specific rear anti-roll bars. The suspension benefits from reinforced front shock absorbers, which all adds up to the truly perfect drive system.

This car must also be contemplated in a convertible concept, as it is also present in the cars presented in the seventh generation. A car that looks to the future, with front graphics characterized by these truly exceptional LED headlights, and 19-inch wheels with a different size between the front and rear axles.

A Mustang that also manages to decline in the Black Horse version, with an exclusive electronic drift brake, designed both for beginners but also for experts in order to improve their skills.

For 58 years, Ford Mustang has been something exclusive in the automotive world, and is immediately connected to the reality of the USA, stars and stripes. In fact, there can be no enthusiast of the automotive world who has not been in love with and impressed by this car, characterized by a huge nose, at least for a moment. As soon as you get on board this car, you see the world in another perspective and travel the road almost lulled and pushed by a fluid progression, truly exceptional.

The manual gearbox, which will only be available for the 5000 cubic centimeter versions, manages to transmit an exciting thrust to every km.

A praise therefore to the Ford engineers, who have managed to perfect a car that is already really excellent, in this respect, adapting it to the new Automotive needs and the new styles of 2022.

Improving the Ford Mustang has never been a simple matter, also because the sixth generation had given more than excellent results. We will see how it responds to the market, but we are already certain that this is one of the most beautiful cars of this calendar year, within the sports car segment.


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credit photo MUSTANG press kit