Within this article, we will try to understand how important innovation is within the workshop.

When we talk about innovation, very often our mind travels to technological sectors. We can think, for example, of the last mobile phone or the last computer.

10 years ago, cell phones were very different from the ones we use these days. We still don't know what mobile phones will look like in 10 years, but they will certainly have an even more important technological level.

Even simply the web and all social networks have drastically changed over the last few years.

A reality now firmly focused on innovation is the Automotive sector. When we talk about the automotive sector, however, we are not simply talking about cars and the various driver assistance systems. The latter are clearly very important, but they need to be contextualized within a very broad sector, which is evolving very rapidly.

The automotive world is increasing innovation, even within the workshops. When we talk about innovation within the workshops, we are talking about both technological innovation linked to mechanical tools, but also innovation at the marketing level.

Innovation requires awareness and the right balance to get new ideas to customers. We must therefore insert a good dose of creativity and production of new concepts and ideas into our officina.

A certain problem that could have been unknown some time ago could now be present, precisely because of the emergence of a new need. A few years ago there was no need to hypothesize an electric scooter as a "replacement car", while now it is really very real.

Micromobility has slightly changed the way of living cities, and therefore it could be contemplated to entrust an electric scooter to a customer, in the moments in which his car is inside our workshop. We cannot technically speak of a "replacement car", but the concept is that.

The key to success is clearly being alert and vigilant, just as Henry Ford said. Continuous improvement and creative innovation make the workshop as competitive as possible. In fact, customers have many options, from the traditional competition to the new truly technological and innovative players.

The level of expectations of the average user is really increasing a lot. Customers currently want to have a calm and reliable professional who knows how to listen to their needs.

The current customer weighs a lot on the budget and estimates the money that will be spent at the minimum penny. The maximization of profits, understood in economic terms, but also in terms of benefits, is one of the priorities of the customers.

So here's how innovation must go through a very high attention to detail. Each euro saved by the customer is equivalent to one euro that the customer will potentially pay the next time in our workshop, if the original quote was convenient.

The market insists a lot with a price war, which however must not lead us to a situation of lowering of the manufacturing qualities. Nowadays many people work on pennies, and therefore we must consider this aspect as not secondary and come as much as possible to meet customers.

Therefore, in addition to innovation in terms of implementation efficiency, and therefore innovation of technological tools, we must therefore not forget the innovation of services.

An innovation that starts from the personalized attention of the individual customer or group of existing customers. If we have known one of our customers for 10 years, we can clearly achieve something more, on a tailoring level, only for that particular customer. Alternatively, we can go on to create personalized offers for the group of customers that have certain characteristics. Let's think, for example, of new drivers, or the elderly, who clearly have different needs with different terms of comparison.

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