The English brand celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of its Cabrio with a special version, made with unique details.

The automotive world celebrates the myth of the Mini Cabrio. A car born on a real undisputed myth of the automotive world.

We don't have to list all the peculiarities and charm of Mini here, in the creation of its iconic car. Over the years, Mini has managed to stay up to date and in line with market trends.

Exactly 30 years ago, the convertible version was created, perfect for lovers of the wind in their hair. In recent days, a special version that recalls the sea has therefore been presented and will arrive in dealerships starting from February.

No major changes or modifications have been made to the car, in terms of engine or cosmetic upgrades.

This decision is linked to the strong link with the past, which makes the car still highly appreciated by the public today.

In fact, Mini has progressively updated under the bonnet and inside the passenger compartment, but without ever distorting the external line. Simply look at the Mini from 15 or 20 years ago to see how remarkably similar this one is.

For this reason, the special edition that will arrive in February will be dedicated in particular to the sea. Two body colors will be available to enhance this unique version, namely a beautiful bright white and an intense blue.

In addition to the coloring, there is no shortage of unique elements to further enhance the link between sea and sky.

On both colourways, there will be a white stripe that extends from the goalkeepers to the rear area. Furthermore, on the front bumper there will be the equipment logo that recalls the number 30, in memory of the years that have passed since the first Mini Cabrio.

The 18-inch alloy wheels are customized for the version in question, as is the orange badge on the tailgate and on the sills.

Climbing aboard the car, you immediately notice how attention to detail is an essential parameter for the car. The floor mats feature the logo of the special version, while the seats have sharp contrasts between stitching and fabrics. In this way, the character of the car is significantly increased on board.

To open the car, just use the key in Keyless mode, created with the addition of an exclusive Cover.

In terms of infotainment and car handling, obviously the latest generation of the Mini operating system optimizes control of the whole car. The latter is controlled quickly and intuitively thanks to instruments inserted inside the cockpit and the bridge.

We speak in particular of the audio program and communication to the outside, in addition to navigation. There are also new-concept equipment packages, which make it possible to satisfy the specific and precise preferences of the individual buyer. We speak in particular of the driver assistance systems and connectivity.

An extremely modern car, therefore, which does not however want to break the excellent link with the past, within a reality that is most congenial to the majority of Mini enthusiasts.

Overturning a legend like Mini for a single special series is truly unthinkable, and for this reason the English brand has created a very well-balanced car.

Looking at the car facing the sea, the color of the sea and that of the bodywork almost merge. A fresh and dynamic location that places the car in perfect harmony with the sea.

Under the hood, we could find a 136 horsepower 3-cylinder petrol engine or a 178 horsepower 2-liter 4-cylinder. The more powerful engine allows really interesting accelerations with times from 0 to 100 km/h of just 7.2 seconds.

If, on the other hand, we want to choose a cheaper version, and therefore a more economical engine, let's not forget the 3-cylinder petrol engine. In this way, we can combine the beauty of the car with lower fuel consumption and more economical overall management of the car. We will be able to relax on board the car, and recline the black hood, electronically operated, up to a speed of 30 km per hour.

A very simple way to connect with the sky and the sea, starting from the first months of 2023.

There is no information about the price, but we can consider a range between 33 and 39 thousand euros.

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credit photo MINI media press