The house of the blue oval has presented its new fully electric vehicle, arriving in the first months of 2024.

Important news at Ford, with the announcement and presentation of the new 100% electric SUV. This is a worldwide event, which has kept everyone on their toes, including the various dealerships.

Ford had in fact decided to hold an event with a maximum level of secrecy.

Under the cover there was a beautiful SUV, which will be presented on our roads from the first months of 2024, but it will be available to order as early as autumn 2023.

The structure of the vehicle will be the inevitable Volkswagen MEB platform, capable of giving the German company a lot of satisfaction.

An all-electric vehicle, which will be the first in a long line of vehicles presented by Ford in the coming years. The US company is preparing to completely revolutionize its product range. Fiesta and Ford are about to go into oblivion, to make way for new electric vehicles with futuristic shapes.

The name of this new model is Ford Explorer, but it has nothing to do with the maxi SUV that is already present within the Ford product range. This is also clear from the dimensions of this vehicle, which are approximately 450 cm.

The Ford product therefore fits perfectly for the European market, thanks to the medium dimensions that allow it to be managed optimally within European city traffic.

The Ford Explorer that was in production up to now had very generous dimensions, which hardly lent themselves to comfortable and relaxing parking in the city centers of Milan or Rome.

The prices of this new electric SUV will start from just under 45,000 euros, and can be characterized by various customizations.

Looking at this vehicle externally, it is immediately clear that it is an electric vehicle, given the full and total linearity of the front. There are no front slits, traditionally used to let the engine breathe.

The front is therefore very clean with minimal headlights in the design, which converge on the horizontal Explorer lettering.

The windows are decidedly narrow in size, for the benefit of truly excellent on-board sportiness. Looking at it externally, however, we also notice a robustness of the lines thanks to the very high line of the windows, and to the wheels quite generous in size.

Being an SUV, there are also finishes in the lower parts and in the wheel arch, which allow you to drive the vehicle in total relaxation. The alloy wheels can be 19 or even 21 inches, for a very marked dynamism.

A vehicle therefore dynamic, but which wants to embrace the whole target of families. The luggage compartment capacity is around 450 litres, which can even reach 1,400 if all the rear seat backrests are folded down.

In terms of coloring, this vehicle can be obtained in different body colors or Arctic Blue, Vibrant Blue My Mind, Frozen White, Magnetic Grey, Agate Black and Lucid Red.

Climbing aboard the car, we are immediately struck by this central maxi screen with truly generous dimensions. In fact, there is talk of a 15-inch vertical touch display, which allows complete compatibility with Android Auto and Apple Carplay.

Behind the steering wheel, characterized by minimal but decidedly well-crafted lines, is a 5-inch instrument screen. The highlight of the digitization therefore falls within the 15-inch maxi display, which can scroll vertically, in order to hide a secret compartment for valuables.

In this way we can leave objects such as glasses or a second mobile phone in the car without them being immediately visible.

The armrest hides a huge area for storing all the products, which can be useful for us to transport and have close by for practicality. The compartment space inside the armrest is 1.5 liters and also allows you to comfortably store a laptop with a 15-inch screen.

The presentation of this vehicle took place within a desert-themed layout. Ford therefore wants to evoke extreme sportiness and qualities from this SUV. A car therefore that wants to challenge the presentation guidelines of electric vehicles, which are very often associated with concepts such as the forest or water.

Presenting a vehicle within a panorama such as the Nevada desert is certainly a very strong factor in terms of strength and performance.

No information has been released regarding the power of the electric motors.

Ford has simply limited itself to stating that the new Explorer will feature rear-wheel drive, but also all-wheel drive. To recharge the car from 10 to 80% 25 minutes will be enough, which is a very good figure.

On the technology side we even have 12 ultrasonic sensors, as well as 5 cameras and three radars that will allow for advanced driving assistance functions.

To have the precise price list, we would have to wait a few more months, precisely between September and October when it will be possible to book it in all Ford dealerships.

An SUV that is therefore preparing to enter the European market where it will collide with the electric SUVs already present in the Automotive market, the latter not characterized by such an accentuated sporting force.

The present SUVs currently have softer lines and are characterized by greater fluidity.

We'll see if this bet, by Ford, will bring strength and vigor within the Italian, European and world automotive market.

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photo credit FORD media press