The German brand presented a car that can guarantee an acceleration time from 0 to 100 km per hour of 2.9 seconds.

It's a real thunderbolt in the true sense of the word. A car is built entirely for extreme performance, and an important hand is also given by the electrical component.

We are talking about the new SL 63 SE Performance, characterized by a plug-in hybrid system. The beating heart always remains an engine with a V8 structure and 4000 cubic cm of displacement.

Added to this is a hybrid system which overall delivers 816 horsepower and guarantees an acceleration time of under 3 seconds. This is a supercar time that can keep up very well with many cars such as Ferrari or Lamborghini.

This Spider therefore manages not only to give the joy of being able to travel in the open air, but also of being tested and used on the track. This is also thanks to the engine torque which is equal to 1400 newton metres.

A two-seater projected towards the future with decidedly slender and very smooth lines. All-wheel drive allows you to have greater response on the road and be able to better manage all the engine's power.

The connection between the electric and petrol units is guaranteed via a mechanical limited-slip differential, which works from the start in the electric component and in acceleration. In this way the minimal delay in intervention of the Turbo is still guaranteed by the electric Boost.

The battery is located above the rear axle and in fact the electrical component can be recharged via a hatch positioned under the right rear light.

With a maximum speed of 317 km per hour, this car is the most lightning-fast in the Mercedes world. The battery is characterized by a capacity of 6 kWh with a continuous power of 60 kW and a peak of 150.

Charging this battery and the car is very simple, and can be done in alternating current at any charging station or even a wallbox installed at your home or workplace.

The battery as such also allows you to travel about 13 km in fully electric mode. This is not a great capacity in terms of autonomy, but it was certainly not in the prerogatives of the Mercedes engineers to create a car that could travel 70 or 100 km in electric mode.

Whoever buys this car wants performance and currently the market and technology allow high performance to be guaranteed, which however must be well "evaluated" with the overall mass of the car.

We all know how hybrid cars are characterized by greater weight than thermal ones, and this aspect could have significantly affected the performance data. Most likely, but Mercedes does not comment on this, the acceleration time of under 3 seconds has been specifically designed thanks to the reduced weight of the battery. In fact, if they had inserted a larger and more substantial battery, it probably wouldn't have gone below 3 seconds. This figure is certainly iconic and captures the attention of many people.

There are few details to distinguish it, but they are certainly well placed inside the car. In fact we have the AMG Active Ride Control suspension with active roll stabilization and active third on the rear axle.

Aesthetically, the car can be recognized by specific red badges, positioned in the rear part of the bodywork, but also by the trapezoidal exhausts with a specific finish.

Presented in this particular green, it immediately manages to attract attention and the desire to be able to drive it on the road. Mercedes SL has always been an iconic car for all those who want to purchase an exclusive product, both in terms of prices but also in terms of driving pleasure.

This car was inspired by Formula 1 and developed in a cutting-edge Mercedes research center. It is no coincidence that the development of the lithium ion energy accumulator was inspired by the technologies tested in Formula 1 cars.

Therefore an ability to amaze even more in every single moment, even simply by turning on the car.

Internally it is characterized by a large display positioned centrally on the dashboard and which develops vertically in a simple and refined way. The steering wheel is clearly made of ultra-fine leather and is flattened at the bottom.

The enveloping and well-embroidered seats allow you to travel comfortably even on a technically track car. Prices have not been released, but they will certainly be ultra exclusive and few people will be able to purchase it.

Admiring it in person will be a real pleasure also because you can directly see how technological progress has developed over the last few years. A new concept of aesthetic line that can be perfectly combined with ultra-advanced performance in Mercedes AMG style.


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credit photo MERCEDES media press