The South Korean automotive giant has decided to stop the development of the design of thermal engines to simply and only embrace the resources on electric engines.

The world of sustainable mobility is becoming more and more important in several respects. Car manufacturers are clearly looking ahead with the timetable to better address the design of the definition of the mobility of tomorrow.

Designing a car is not something immediate and requires several development steps in different units. Creating a car brings together designers, as well as aerodynamic and interior designers, and heat engine engineers.

So here is why car manufacturers are already looking at the fateful date of 2035, or the end of thermal cars within the European Union.

That's why, according to what Hyundai recently declared, the development of thermal engines will stop shortly. In other words, the Hyundai designers will no longer be there on the table bent over understanding how to best develop new and more performing thermal engines, but will simply focus on electric vehicles.

This statement is important as Hyundai is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, partner of the most important events in the world and therefore able to involve a number of related companies in very high numerical terms.

This consideration therefore goes hand in hand with the progressive abandonment of thermal engines by various car manufacturers and the implementation of new technologies for electric cars.

We do not want to make an analysis here and we do not want to take a position on whether the escalation of sustainable mobility is correctly sustainable and adequately absorbed by the current European real world.

What has to be considered, however, is the enormity of this consideration and of this strategic decision.

Obviously, Hyundai cars continue to be produced also with thermal engines, but no more technological implementations will be planned in terms of greater energy efficiency for thermal engines.

In other words, we could continue to buy Hyundai cars with thermal engines for several years, but the latter will not be subsequently developed in terms of optimization.

Therefore, if we want to buy a Hyundai thermal car, we do not therefore have to wait for any changes as they will no longer be made.

credit photo HYUNDAI media press