The 100% electric car of the South Korean brand was presented in detail in a podcast created by Hyundai itself.

There are a thousand ways to effectively and efficiently present a car Hyundai has decided to present and deepen the discourse related to electric mobility through a Podcast.

We are not talking about a single podcast, but an episode precisely the eleventh part of the podcast "Are We There Yet?" dedicated specifically to the Ioniq 5.

Through this podcast all the main characteristics of the car are defined and why it is a revolutionary car.

In fact, we are talking about a car that marks a real era for Hyundai. It is not just the usual characteristics of an electrified car but also sustainable materials and a futuristic design.

The car bases its reality on the Electric Global Platform which was developed by Hyundai.

Thanks to this platform, it is possible to have a car with a range of 481 km on a single recharge thanks to the 800v technology.

Hyundai wanted to create something specifically for customers, feeling the needs of the people directly and thus excluding a direct competition for design compared to competitors. Listening to the customers, the first design drafts started both for the interiors, but also for the exteriors.

A remarkable internal spaciousness that strikes as soon as you get on board. Customer-centricity, according to Hyundai, is a focal point for this car.

Within the podcast we understand how sustainable materials have been used in an important way. Let's talk about fabrics that contain materials or even recycled plastic.

The car can also be equipped with floor mats made of regenerated nylon, a very resistant material that comes directly from waste such as abandoned fishing nets.

As for the design, however, the car is a real step forward as regards the Hyundai philosophy. The front is aggressive but nevertheless does not leave potential customers intimidated. The front and rear headlights are characterized by a double rectangle shape.

So here is how Hyundai has created something innovative, namely the presentation of a car via podcast in a world where marketing no longer really knows what to invent.

Hyundai has in fact returned to the basis of everything or the radio. By simply listening to the description of the podcast host, the customer is then guided to the discovery of a car that will mark the future of a major car manufacturer in the world.

credit photo HYUNDAI media press