Alfa Romeo finally unveils its new medium SUV. Many lines have been confirmed 3 years after the Concept. Electronics and motors in step with the times. Let's find out how it is together.

Alfa Romeo has finally presented the long-awaited SUV by all enthusiasts. This car fills a void that the Italian manufacturer had in its lineup until now.

The Suv Stelvio will therefore have a smaller sister, to intercept all those interested in mid-range SUVs (in terms of size). Technically, we can also define it as a Crossover, thanks to its very sleek line. We immediately begin to define the dimensions, which speak of 453 cm in length.

To see it live we have to wait a few more months, as only on June 4th it will be available at all dealerships . However, interested parties will already be able to order it starting next month, with prices that should be around € 35,000. Initially, there will be two versions, Super and Ti, as well as various packages. The price is not cheap, but it is positioned in a really populated competitive range. In addition, various solutions will be proposed for the purchase with long-term rental, which will allow the possession of the car, without a significant initial outlay.

Looking at it from the front, you can see the full led or diode matrix headlights, very squared and with a luminous signature on three elements. The lines are streamlined and well proportioned, thus not creating a heaviness in terms of volumes.

The mechanics

Moving on to the technical part, we can say that the new Alfa Romeo Tonale is a relative of the Jeep Compass and Renegade.

Although related, several aspects are different from Italian-American cars. The suspensions are McPherson in the front and rear axles, with specific characteristics both for the calibration, but also in the different components.

Alfa Romeos have always been synonymous with Made in Italy sportiness. Also within this model, an attempt has been made to combine extreme sportiness, without sacrificing comfort. In fact, Alfa Romeo engineers have created shock absorbers with variable damping, that is, softer in close movements and more sustained in slow movements (for example in curves).

The most passionate, and even willing to pay a little more, can opt for electronically controlled shock absorbers.

Interesting news regarding the steering. The latter is very direct, and has been developed thanks to the use of an electric motor positioned on the column. In this way the reduction ratio is clearly lower than the Jeep Compass, which already has excellent driveability in itself.

The engines

As for the engines, we have diesel and benzina. All are defined with 4-cylinder Turbo technology, combined with an automatic gearbox. Perhaps a manual gearbox will also arrive in the future, but currently nothing is certain.

The diesel engine is the classic 1,600 displacement with 131 horsepower, and a robotic dual-clutch gearbox with 6 gears and front-wheel drive. There will also be a plugin of 1,300 cubic centimeters and the possibility, according to the company, to travel up to 80 km with zero emissions in the city and 60 in the extra-urban cycle.

For the United States of America and the Middle East, a 2,000 turbocharged 260hp with all-wheel drive and 9-speed automatic transmission is also arriving in the coming months. Unfortunately this model is not foreseen within our territory.

A new engine, made specifically for the car in question, is the 1,500-liter petrol engine. The technique used is the Miller cycle, rather than Otto, in order to optimize consumption. The power will be between 130 and 160 horsepower. The power variation was not obtained only thanks to the electronics, but also worked on a variable geometry turbo (used only on very few petrol cars). In this way the engine is combined with a 7-speed dual-clutch robotic gearbox, with a 20 horsepower mini electric motor. For this reason the 1,500 petrol can be defined as a mild hybrid.


Getting on board the car, the interior is typically “Made in Italy” with Alfa Romeo style. The steering wheel is well shaped and the dashboard develops horizontally with a large 12-inch dashboard, widely configurable.

The latter manages to contain all the information and can be declined with three different themes, from vintage to more modern style.

The dashboard is truly elegant, with a whole series of minimal buttons that express themselves well within a horizontal linearity. The habitability is really optimal, even for those who are a little tall, as the rear has been really excellently crafted.
The trunk is also really large, and allows you to load up to 500 liters.

Finally, the infotainment is the evolution of the one mounted on the electric 500 and on the more recent Maserati . Using the Android software, he manages to get all the information connected to Google in an optimal and intuitive way. Alfa Romeo, it should be noted, has decided not to integrate Google's corollary services, such as the voice assistant or Google Maps, but has preferred to use TomTom for the navigator and Alexa from Amazon.

Clearly, the assisted driving systems are level 2, thus allowing you to keep up with the times, according to the most modern quality standards of driving comfort.

The car therefore presents itself in an optimal way, meeting many of the expectations of the people of Alfa Romeo. It certainly does not have a stylistic line that overturns that of the house. All in all, however, the Alfisti are a well-structured family, which lays its foundations on certain and sporty lines.

The colors used for the presentation of the car characterize a truly sprinting four-wheeler, capable of thrilling people. The alloy wheels, in fact, are a reinterpretation of lines already seen, as well as the front headlights.

Those who therefore expected an upheaval of Alfa Romeo's stylistic lines will be disappointed. We are absolutely certain that, however, there will be many enthusiasts who will race at Alfa Romeo dealerships to book their Tonale.

We will see if there are any changes in terms of how to purchase the car, between dry purchase and long-term rental. Alfa Romeo focuses heavily on this aspect, and only the market will be able to return the final result

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