An interesting event for the future of mobility, but also energy and ecological transition and news from the automotive world arrives in the Emilian capital.

Trade shows and events are a unique and fundamental moment for progress and networking within an industry. The Automotive world is characterized by various international fairs that establish and establish the growth benchmark of the sector.

The various international car shows are unmissable events for enthusiasts of the four-wheeled world, but also for all those who want to understand where the sector is going.

Not only aesthetic and production innovations of the cars, but also everything that characterizes and defines the sector.

Working within the Automotive sector, in fact, does not mean being only within the production chain, but also being an analyst or designer of what the future will be. We must not forget about the entire management of the change process from "ordinary" to sustainable mobility.

A truly important event arrives in Bologna, where the attention of those involved in the sector is at the highest levels. This is Futurmotive 2023, an event dedicated and aimed at manufacturers, but also at component manufacturers, distributors and buyers.

Within the Bologna event, it will be necessary to understand what the challenges of tomorrow will be, from an environmental, but also economic and community aspect, under the Automotive umbrella.

Technological progress, as we all know, goes hand in hand with the implementation of services that automotive companies can create, or even any other economic actor involved.

During the Bologna event, companies and participants will come together and dialogue in a constructive way, trying to find ideas for Automotive progress.

Clearly the main product categories also paid attention to by the Government are the new alternative fuel systems, as well as new materials and tyres. Much space, however, is reserved for connectivity (therefore also smartphone applications) and assistance and repair networks.

Workshops cannot be ignored and neglected within an Automotive world, where the technical component remains fundamental. In fact, workshops cannot be and will never be put on the back burner, regardless of technological progress.

Regardless of whether in ten years there will be hydrogen cars, rather than electric or another fuel, workshops will certainly have to be able to repair them in the best possible way in every single aspect.

Training, but also knowledge and technical updates, must therefore be paid very careful attention to by all those who work within the Automotive world of workshops.

Thinking that you have repaired cars for decades and don't need updates is certainly not a winning argument. Connectivity and the entire relationship with the customer on the part of the workshops is something decisive and successful within local competitiveness.

A workshop must be able to communicate directly and immediately with its customer. We see several automotive companies creating, within their network of workshops, real quality standards in terms of communication with the customer.

All the other non-branded workshops must be no less important, so as not to be left in the background and lose customers. For this reason, we want to remind you once again of the enormous dialogue capacity and potential of the YouDriver app.

Created specifically to solve a whole series of problems that afflict workshop owners, it has recently been further updated and implemented with new functions.

The YouDriver application stands out from the classic management systems on the market, which allow you to have traditional management, via CRM, of spare parts, as well as tire storage or various memos, such as coupons and revisions.

In fact, YouDriver allows you to have complete management of the customer flow, from entry to the final process. Put simply, you can manage every single aspect throughout the customer's interaction history.

Taking a concrete example and simplifying it even further, we start from managing the agenda and booking the intervention to interacting with the customer, with total tracking of every single aspect.

In fact, the customer receives a text message as a reminder of the appointment, or a notification if he also has the YouDriver app. When it arrives at the workshop, all aspects related to safety are managed, i.e. a complete check of the bodywork, but also of the kilometres, tire condition and everything that concerns privacy.

This aspect is fundamental, as if the car has damage it must be immediately registered, to protect the mechanic from any possible subsequent dispute.

After recording all the data of the person delivering the machine and the owner of the machine (an aspect that really should not be underestimated in many cases), the process of tracking the work is triggered.

In fact, with the delivery of the keys, the actual processing phase begins. The latter can be controlled by the customer, who can be constantly informed on the progress of the work, with a possible request for further intervention by the mechanic. We know that sometimes unexpected events arise that were not included in the estimate.

Once the intervention is finished, the motorist will receive a notification via app or text message to be able to come to the workshop and collect the car. After having carried out the entire privacy check on the delivery side, and carried out the test drive, the process is concluded with a nice review left to the workshop.

However, the YouDriver application also allows you to map all the processing phases, in order to have a complete picture of the individual mechanic's ability to work quickly and efficiently.

By scanning the QR Code, in the different stages of processing, the owner is able to understand how much time the individual mechanic spends working on a specific part of the car, rather than on another.

This also allows you to have an overall view of the number of hours worked on a specific aspect. Objective? Being able to produce better performing estimates that are more in line with the real work effort of the workshop.

In fact, it may happen that the owners of the workshops do not know exactly how and how much to estimate on a certain aspect, precisely because they do not know how many hours the individual mechanic needs to work.

Thanks to the YouDriver application, everything is mapped and everything analyzed transparently and up to the minute. In this way, the workshop will also be able to understand if it can accept a work order, or if the mechanics have a full calendar for their work.

This is therefore how the YouDriver app fits perfectly into a process of revolution in the Automotive world.

Just think that electric cars were pure utopia about ten years ago, while now they are absolute normality. 10 or 15 years ago we were almost astonished to see an electric car driving along a road in total silence.

Currently, however, it is looked at with sympathy and with a dreamer's eye towards the future.

Technological and IT progress work in a very close relationship: this must remind us once again that the constant updating of our skills cannot remain in the background.

Ultimately, the YouDriver app can truly be the turning point for every workshop, in order to find and retain customers in a stable and long-lasting way.



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