In this article we will see some very simple tips that can be introduced by anyone.

All of us, when we start a new entrepreneurial adventure, we are never completely ready at 360 °.

Often and willingly, in fact, new entrepreneurial activities begin and are perfected over time. This is completely normal, and there is nothing to worry about.

However, we must consider that improving is a decisive aspect for the success of a mechanical workshop.

Each single mechanical workshop, in fact, has its own knowledge, which is intrinsic within the people they belong to.

Obviously the market is progressing and there are several news that concern the mechanical workshops every day.

Within this article, we want to make a complete analysis of 10 tips, which can concretely help every mechanical workshop in order to improve.

The first piece of advice is to define the products and services we are going to offer very well. The services of a mechanical workshop can be many, from simple oil changes, to general mechanics, such as engine adjustment and various maintenance of suspensions, brakes and air conditioning. Let's not forget the various extra services, which can be truly infinite and linked to the automotive world.

Some time ago, it was thought that the automotive world, and in particular that of workshops, was linked to a concept of extreme trust of the individual professional. Currently, mechanical workshops are highly specialized in various fields.

The second fundamental advice is to choose the perfect team that will form the workshop. This aspect is really fundamental, as it is a sort of divide between those who will be successful, and unfortunately those who will not be successful.

The advice, therefore, is to choose the best mechanics currently in circulation in your area. These people must have a defined and very clear working methodology, in order not to be confused and waste time. Losing time, within a complex environment such as that of the workshops, means losing money or rather losing productivity.

We must also not forget the good positioning of the workshop. So let's analyze the surrounding area, and try to understand if the area where we are going to place our workshop is free from various “dangers”, such as excessive traffic or lack of parking. Traffic is certainly a positive aspect, as we could also place small road signs, but it must not be too present, as it could discourage entry into the workshop.

After placing basic tools inside the workshop, we clearly need to optimize the large infrastructures, such as car-bridges. Depending on this aspect, we will then structure the whole area with the various instruments that we may need, such as a computerized wheel balancer, or a tire gauge, but also the cleaning machine and many other tools.

After defining the structural area of the workshop, we must go and define the area linked to the knowledge and the production phase . Every single job must be well defined, and characterized by a very clear development process. Customer service must have its own workflow, which continues independently of other workflows.

At the same time we have to consider the flow of administration, but also that of the diagnosis and repair of the vehicle. In other words, every single person who composes a workflow must know exactly what to do at any given moment, without burdening other people, wasting time in complexity.

Another very important advice is to listen to the customer, thus always offering a personalized and customized offer on him. We also try to give a good image of our workshop, positioning it within large search engines such as YouDriver, in order to be quickly identified by the customer.

All this must be actively carried out by the workshop, and fed daily with promotions. Carrying out promotions, but also events and offers, is something crucial in order to obtain greater visibility towards customers.

Also in this case, YouDriver is the smartphone application that was created specifically to allow the workshop to be really visible in this area.

The penultimate key tip is to go personalize and differentiate the offer. We try to be different from other workshops, while clearly remaining in an area of professionalism and variety of services offered. Let us always remember that the customer is always looking for a unique and well-made experience.

We must not forget that there are infinite mechanical workshops, but in the end the customer will choose only one. Our workshop must therefore be perfect, and absolutely capable of satisfying any customer's need.

We therefore convey a touch of personality, also obviously differentiating the image of the workshop itself.

The last piece of advice, however, is related to you: that is to be as much yourself as possible and as empathetic towards customers as possible. Empathy and feeling at home is something fundamental for the customer.

It is very unlikely that a customer who does not feel too comfortable in a workshop will return.

In this article we wanted to summarize 10 fundamental steps for each workshop. In fact, the reality is that each workshop is different and unique compared to the others. In Italy we are 60 million, and therefore 60 million potential customers are waiting for our workshop. Excluding children, we can therefore say that we have very many potential customers who are absolutely constantly looking for a workshop.

Let's not forget, however, a fundamental aspect… that is to register our workshop within the YouDriver application. It is something absolutely free and allows you to be identified easily and quickly, not only by the people who live within our area, but also by tourists and people who come from other Italian locations.

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