For the 10th anniversary of electric mobility, Nissan is presenting a special version of its electric car.

When we talk about sustainable mobility we always think of brands like Tesla, or for example the Zoe of Renault and recently Volkswagen. Unfortunately, Nissan does not immediately come to mind, but it has done a very important job on sustainable mobility and zero-emission cars, thanks to the Nissan Leaf. It is the first electric car designed for the mass market that has been very successful all over the world. It is a car that has a line that is all in all very pleasant and really well usable by a family.

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary, here is a special version. It will be available shortly in our Italian Nissan dealerships, in the 62 kWh version. On board it will have extensive technological equipment such as the on-board WiFi system and new connectivity systems. Obviously Nissan is very attentive to road safety and the safety of a comfortable ride. For this reason the special version will be equipped with advanced driving assistance systems ProPilot and e-Pedal.

Thanks to the onboard WiFi hotspot technology and the integrated 4G system, up to 7 devices can be connected to the Internet. This is an optimal solution for all the long journeys that a family can make during the summer breaks. Furthermore, through the Nissan Connect Services application, it is possible via smartphone to have a whole range of information about the car. It is possible to check the battery charge level or to open and close the vehicle at a distance. It is also possible to set the air conditioning of the vehicle even before entering the car, thus having a cool or heated car depending on the needs and the time of year.

The car also presents important innovations with regard to safety even at a distance. Through a notification system it is in fact possible to know if the car is outside a defined perimeter, such as for example one's own garden or condominium parking lot, but the owner can also be informed if the car has passed a certain speed threshold. In this way, parents can safely hand over the car to their children, knowing in the event that they exceed a certain speed on the motorway, for example.

There is obviously a whole series of driving aid systems such as the intelligent warning and intervention system for the blind spot, which warns the driver and brings the car back on track when a potentially dangerous situation is detected when overtaking.

Aesthetically, the Nissan Leaf dedicated to the tenth anniversary, has a motif that recalls Japanese art especially in the rearview mirrors, in the roof line and in the trunk that allows a perfect connection with the car badge on the C pillar.

It is available in two colors, white or gray both with a black roof as standard. To give greater sportiness, Nissan applies 17-inch alloy wheels as standard.

The Nissan Leaf range is currently available in dealerships starting at just under € 21,000 thanks to government grants. The price of the 10-year version has not yet been made public, but all in all it will not be too different from the price we have just said.


Credit photo NISSAN media press