The ultra sporty version of the Volkswagen compact house has finally been presented. 45 years of history in a model that has never known a decline. Let's find out all the details together.

Volkswagen has decided to raise the curtains over the GTI version of its compact par excellence. We are talking about Golf which was presented in the GTI version and in the GTI Clubsport 45 version.

The latter is a special version built on the starting base of the GTI Clubsport. We are talking about a car that will be available in our beautiful country with a decidedly interesting power. It will have a supercharging capable of delivering 55 horsepower more than the same Golf GTI.

The maximum torque reaches the 400 Newtonmeter of torque already available at low revs. The acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes just 5 seconds and the self-limited speed is equal to 270 km / h .

Volkswagen technicians obviously paid a lot of attention to everything related to the sporty aspect of the car. The frame has been adjusted in order to have maximum power for top sportiness. Electronics clearly cannot be missing, in a key role, and in fact there is a perfect combination between the car management system or the Vehicle Dynamics Manager with the XDS + differential, the self-locking in the front and the adaptive control of the chassis. as an option.

The standard GTI version will have 245 horsepower with the classic 6-speed manual gearbox. List prices start at around € 40,000 for the basic version and can even reach € 52,000 for the Clubsport version.

The latter is easily recognizable thanks to an exclusive aesthetic kit : there is a novelty in the larger air intakes in the front, a sporty rear wing that optimizes air flows, the color of the roof declined in a black color. and the Akrapovic titanium exhaust system.

Some red details have been included in the 19-inch alloy wheels and in the front part around the lights. The GTI lettering is also present on the front of the car with the classic red color and is also reflected in the brake calipers with a white contrasting color. The interiors are also characterized by this exclusivity with a brand new sports steering wheel and an aluminum pedals as well as red ambient lights.

The options are countless and can obviously go on more classy declinations, such as leather seats, but also some details that convey a greater sense of sportiness.

With good reason we can absolutely say that the new Golf GTI and Clubsport 45 are definitely an excellent evolution of the original Golf of 45 years ago. Fans are therefore certainly enthusiastic about what the German company has achieved, which has nevertheless been able to renew a product that could be exceeded in terms of lines and requests, due to the numerous possibilities of having other types of cars.

With the era of electrification and hybrids, Volkswagen has once again succeeded in declining sportiness in a concrete way, associating it in a perfect and unique combination with a petrol engine capable of thrilling any car enthusiast.

credit photo Volkswagen media press