Very often we see this word, but it is difficult to understand in all individual aspects. In this article we will try to clarify one of the most problematic aspects for motorists.

The automotive world is characterized by a whole series of penalties in the event that the motorist does not carry out certain procedures correctly. It often happens to see the word "administrative detention" as the maximum penalty that the vehicle can face.

Technically, we speak of # administrative firm every time that a collection body puts into practice the maximum penalty when the motorist has not paid a debt.

Having the car placed under administrative detention is an important problem as it cannot be scrapped or demolished. Obviously it is not possible to move on public roads clearly.

No private subject can revoke the administrative detention but only the public administration as soon as it has obtained the outstanding payment.

Technically, the car cannot even be parked on public land and you cannot even have it canceled or exported abroad.

In the event that the person is found driving the car on a public road and the latter has been subject to administrative detention, there is a fine between € 2000 and € 8000.

Furthermore, if you have an accident with a car that has been placed under administrative detention, you will have to pay the damages in full and the property will be confiscated.

Technically, the administrative detention takes place through a notification from the collection agent to the person who has not paid the penalty. The latter will have 60 days to pay off the debt or request an installment of the amount. If the payment is not made, we proceed with a notice of arrest. After 30 days after the notice of detention, if payment is not made, then the administrative detention becomes effective.

If we intend to buy a car, but we are afraid that it is subject to administrative detention, we can go to any ACI office in our city or also observe the online service through a PRA survey. Alternatively, we also have the opportunity to go to a car practice agency and through a simple payment of not even € 10, we could see if this car is subject to administrative detention.

It may happen that the public administration gets it wrong and does not coordinate all formal transactions. If we have paid the entire disputed amount, but the administrative detention is still presented to us, at that point we can appeal and turn to the competent judgment.

It could be a simple disservice of the public administration, but it is the only way to act.

Once the payment of the sum in money has been made, we must also go to an office of the Public Automobile Registry and pay stamps of approximately € 50.

So here is an exhaustive guide to fully understand what it is when you hear about administrative arrest.