The world of social media has completely revolutionized the way you present your company. In this article, we will see how essential it is to align with the latest communication methodologies.

When presenting the workshop to your customer, but also online, it is essential to describe in detail, as many qualities as possible . Attention! We do not want to claim to change reality, but to express in a convincing way what we already are.

This article, therefore, is aimed at professionals in the automotive world, who know very well how to repair a car correctly and completely. No mystification of reality, but a simple, correct and complete representation of our abilities.

The first aspect we want to affirm is the importance of efficiency and reliability . When a customer brings us his car, he obviously doesn't bring us a fork or a small keychain to fix. The car is the result of sacrifices of many months, and is essential for urban and extra-urban mobility. This is why the reliability of our workshop and our professionalism is definitely the most important aspect.

When we write on social networks or even when we make a communication within the YouDriver app, it is very important to state how reliable our workshop is. This is an advantage, not only for the customer, but also for ourselves that we can therefore place ourselves in an advantageous position compared to other competitors.

We must therefore bring out the intrinsic quality of our workshop, above any doubt and any problem. The customer must in fact perceive this quality, which is clearly real and genuine, in order to entrust his car to our hands.

The second aspect is the spare parts. If we are a generalist workshop, or in any case if we have a large number of cars that we manage on a daily basis, it is very important to underline that all the parts we use are of the highest quality.

In fact, we try to intercept those customers who are willing to pay the right price for a quality product. In fact, it is not convenient to go down in the price war, and go and count that half euro for a product of medium or poor quality.

Any customer who installs a medium or low quality product inside his car will surely encounter problems well before a high quality product.

We are simply talking about an oil change, but also about light bulbs, or mechanical parts that are inserted inside the engine. As the part is important in mechanical terms, the high level of quality is increasingly important.

At our suppliers, therefore, we try to grab the Premium pieces, and this obviously must be correctly communicated to the customer. Let us always remember that the customer does not know the quality of the products.

Some customers may be informed about the different brands of spare parts, but most people know absolutely nothing or little about it. This is why the quality of our products must be properly highlighted in our communications.

The third fundamental aspect is our trusted men, or rather our mechanics. Our mechanics are second to none, and this is another really crucial factor. The spare part, in fact, can also be of the best quality in the world, but it must have a "human help" for installation. We can also have the Ferrari brake, but if we don't know how to mount it correctly, everything falls apart.

The workshop is a place that can be compared to a large puzzle, where each component is essential to create a photograph or a painting, which is represented in the best way.

Within the communication plan we have on our site or within the YouDriver app, we therefore recommend highlighting the qualities of our mechanics .

For example, we can illustrate how they are constantly updated, at refresher courses of various kinds and sectors. People are very interested in getting to know the mechanics and understanding in which hands our car is entrusted.

A strong example could be that a former Formula 1 mechanic went to work in a small provincial workshop. In case it can happen for personal choices, but this obviously can only be underlined within our site or the YouDriver app.

The fourth aspect is clearly the speed of the service. A fast and immediate service is the prerogative of success for any workshop. No customer wants to wait too long, beyond a reasonable time, for a good job.

The famous word "we will let you know", without giving a quote or without giving a delivery date, is quite detrimental to the workshop. The reality is that the car repair service is now a very common aspect… but not many people know how to do it correctly.

Another aspect that we want to emphasize is the trust, which must be transmitted within the words, or the videos of the photographs. In fact, the customer who entrusts a car to a specific workshop must trust and must not feel betrayed. Trust cannot be gained immediately, or by simply changing a light bulb, but it is gained time and time again.

Transparency, the correct illustration of all aspects related to the car and any repairs, are something that cannot be exempted within the world of workshops.

We must not have any secrets or taboos with our customers, because they are the ones who ultimately decide who to contact for the maintenance of their car. Always remember that the cost of keeping a customer tied to our workshop is much lower than the purchase cost of a new customer.

Very often we are led to look for new customers in a spasmodic way, and in a somewhat frenetic way, but the reality is that it is much more convenient for us to "bind", through quality, a customer who already knows us.

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