Board member Klaus Zellmer confirmed in a recent interview the stop of the production of combustion cars.

The interview carried out by the Bavarian newspaper Münchner Merkur, with one of the members of the Volkswagen board of directors, has just been released a few hours ago.

It confirmed Volkswagen's desire to reduce the production of thermal vehicles. In other words, Volkswagen is preparing to produce only electric vehicles.

This choice will mainly take place in Europe in the first phase, and in the United States and China thereafter. This change will presumably take place between 2033 and 2035.

As for the US and Chinese markets, the news will arrive a few years later. The reason is presumably to be found on the difficulties of developing the electricity grid throughout the Chinese territory and also within the United States.

Come to think of it, with the spread of thermal vehicles and the very low cost of oil in the United States, the problem will be no small one.

Furthermore, Volkswagen is committed to becoming totally environmentally friendly by 2050. By this date, the entire fleet will be built with zero emissions.

As far as the South of America and Africa are concerned, there will still be difficulties and the release of the heat engines will take place again after a few years.

In truth, the Volkswagen Brand had already stated a few months ago that enters 9 years, about 7 out of 10 cars will be electric. Volkswagen therefore sets itself ambitious goals as 9 years are very few to develop in the Automotive sector.

We also consider that the Volkswagen group is a huge group made up of a whole series of other realities within. We are also talking about a Volkswagen Brand destined for a mass sector.

In the same way, other brands that fall within the Volkswagen group are also carrying out important traditions.

We are talking, for example, of Audi which is gradually introducing various fully electric versions. The House of the Four Rings said last week that it intends to stop the production of motor vehicles by 2033.

This aspect is certainly important and represents a pillar for future sustainable mobility.

In an era over, electric cars are slowly becoming more important, having basic and pivotal points is definitely a fundamental aspect.

In fact, if a market trend setter, such as Audi, manages to define the development steps, we will certainly have an optimal situation for all the other small brands.

credit photo VOLKSWAGEN media press