The German automotive house presents the restyling of its compact SUV.

We will have to wait a few more months, as it will only arrive in dealerships in the first quarter of next year. From the photographs, however, the wait is really high, as the external and internal restylings are really excellent.

It was introduced in 2019, and now it is renewed with a clearly more modern design and a front with more character. New technologies and materials with higher manufacturing quality.

Looking at it from the front, you immediately notice the new mask. The headlights have also been revised in shape and are now LED on all three trim levels of the new T-Cross.

Clearly the bumper has also been revised, in order to create the right combination and homogeneity of the front lines.

The black plastic band, which currently connects the daytime running lights, is no longer present. For those who want the ultimate in technology, optional LED Matrix headlights will also debut.

Moving to the rear, we immediately notice the headlights that have been completely revised. Now they are really with a "three-dimensional" effect and have a really strong character.

The large line that joins the rear ends of the car gives it an even more superior-class SUV tone.

Among the external changes, in addition to the headlights and bumpers, we also have new body colors. There are three new colors that have been prepared by the designers of the German house. We are talking about the colors Grape Yellow (bright yellow), Clear Blue Metallic (light blue) and Kings Red Metallic (vivid red).

Climbing aboard the car, we immediately notice how the materials are of higher quality, starting with the multimedia system which can become 9.2 inches in the top-of-the-range version.

The digital dashboard is standard, but has been completely redesigned just like Volkswagen's top models.

The materials are now characterized by greater softness and quality, whatever the car's trim level. In fact, starting from the basic version, we find LED headlights in the front and rear, as well as a multifunction camera and road sign reader.

There is also the multimedia system with an 8-inch display, standard in the basic set-up. In the latter, the climate control is manual, while the automatic climate control with touch cursors is available as an option.

Going up the set-up, we gradually find some goodies, such as the new 16-inch alloy wheels and the leather multifunction steering wheel.

In terms of driving aids, the new Travel Assist ensures greater ability to control the car within the roadway, depending on traffic conditions. The braking assistance has been improved – great news for those who travel a lot in the city. In this way, the driver can be more relaxed…without clearly becoming too distracted.

No major engine changes have been made. The car only comes with turbo petrol engines, represented in the more contained configuration by a 1000 cubic capacity with turbocharger and 95 horsepower, combined with a manual gearbox.

A small change has been made on the power side: the second setting available within the 1000 cubic centimeters of engine capacity is 116 horsepower, while in the current model it is 110. This last power level can be combined with an automatic transmission DSG double clutch.

For those who want a sportier and pepperier version, there is the 1500 cm³ engine with turbocharger and 150 horsepower, combined as standard with the DSG automatic gearbox.

This car has been characterized by a very attractive price over the years, and has been appreciated by many Italians and Europeans. It is perfect, for example, for mothers who want to take their children to school and drive with a raised position.

In fact, this small SUV perfectly manages to combine driving comfort and compactness.

There are no diesel or LPG engines, or even electric ones, but this is part of Volkswagen's policy which wants to emphasize change and sustainable mobility within the automotive sector.

A reality therefore, the new Volkswagen T-Cross, which we hope will be able to confirm the excellent sales figures of the generation currently on the market.

Therefore, those who would like to buy a Volkswagen T-Cross will now find themselves faced with the choice of whether to wait a few months ... or take it home with the offers of the latest cars produced.

Surely the cars that are currently on sale have good discounts, but clearly they will face greater devaluation as soon as the new model enters the market.

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