The Turin manufacturer presents the 500x for the first time with a new body. It is inspired by luxury boating for a perfect car to be driven in the summer.

With the arrival of summer, Fiat has decided to present a car from the past. In fact, it seems to see an old FIAT in the post-war period with an important opening for the upper part of the car.

In a few seconds and by pressing a simple button, you can open the electric soft top of the # 500x or # 500. This new version was inspired and dedicated to the Yacht Club Di Capri.

This choice had already been made for the special version of the Fiat 500, developed in collaboration with the yacht company Riva. The style is clearly very distinctive and really interesting.

The car is dedicated to an excellent nautical sector and created with amazing finishes.

500x intercepts an audience segment capable of wanting spaciousness, but also sportiness within the same car.

The 500x line is decidedly a definition almost like a raised coupe, thus allowing Fiat to intercept a whole series of people who are looking for different forms of car.

Returning to this special version, the color is a classic blue with a blue top. The details are chromed in order to embellish the model and make the partnership exclusive.

Special numbered series will therefore be produced for the first 500 copies. The 500x Yachting will be clearly presented in the Cross and Sport versions, but also as we have said in the Open-Air version.

The 18-inch light-alloy wheels are also new.

Climbing aboard the car, you immediately notice how the partnership is very well defined and is also very strong. The seats are white soft-touch with 500 badges and blue edging and embroidery.

In aluminum with obviously the sill with embossed logo. The wood of the dashboard is perfect to be combined with the white seats to create a sort of exclusivity to the car.

Looking from the outside, these cars are therefore perfect for driving during the summer but also during the winter.

Modern cars no longer have simple protective covers for a light rain as it did years ago. Now, in fact, technology has advanced a lot and allows almost a form of insulation equal to a hardtop.

These cars are therefore ideal for all those who want to travel with the wind in their hair and do not want to give up the structure of a traditional sedan. 500x and 500 "normal", combining elegance and desire to have fun, are the perfect icons for a made in Italy spot on the Capri Coast.

The engines have not been modified but simply made some changes in terms of aesthetics. These cars have no equal and direct competitors, thus managing to create something more that the market does not currently offer.

There are several cars with the possibility of having an electric top, but none have an innate class like 500 and not even a total sportiness like 500x. Great job therefore for Fiat for these truly excellent cars and which will surely drive all lovers of exclusivity and boating crazy.