We have finally arrived at the fourth generation of a compact city sedan made by the Czech car manufacturer. It will arrive in Italian dealerships in October and will be characterized by a whole series of interesting innovations. The price starts at around € 17,000.

Skoda, one of the most famous European car manufacturers, has decided to develop the fourth generation of its Fabia city compact.

We are talking about a perfect car to be driven in the city even by new drivers. It is a spacious car, but it does not require too much in terms of volume.

About 22 years have passed since its debut and today the fourth generation has finally arrived. In the course of these 22 years, about 4.5 million units have been sold: a truly exceptional success.

This model bases its design on the same platform on which the Volkswagen Polo is built.

The size is approximately 4 meters and 11 cm and a width of 178 cm. Compared to the previous model, the car gains space in the trunk and reaches 380 liters, an increase of about fifty compared to the previous model.

As for the engine, there are 4 petrol engines for the Italian market. Let's start with a classic three-cylinder 1000 aspirated engine capable of unleashing 65 or 80 HP of power.

There is also a turbocharged version with 95 and 110 horsepower . In the more powerful version it is also possible to choose the combination with the 7-speed DSG automatic transmission.

As for the fittings, there are the Ambition and Style versions. Already in the Ambition version, however, there are several interesting accessories such as Lane Assist, Front assist and optical groups with LED technology. There is obviously no lack of cruise control and automatic emergency call.

In terms of infotainment, Apple carplay and Android auto are clearly available as well as Dab radio and an 8-inch display with two USB C sockets.

The Style version also has dual-zone automatic climate control, 16-inch wheels and bi-color coloring.

For prices, we start from around 17 thousand euros for the basic version with naturally aspirated petrol engine. The turbo base, on the other hand, starts at around 18,000 euros, to reach 19,000 in the more powerful version.

By the time we decide to choose the Style configurations, we should clearly add around € 1,500 and get a truly complete car in all respects.

Skoda has once again managed to define a young and truly interesting product. Fabia has always been synonymous with quality and great savings. Its price is certainly lower than the prices of competing cars, but it has certainly never skimped on quality and spaciousness.

In recent years Skoda has also made the leap in terms of driving pleasure and buying a Skoda car is currently a bargain that must be grasped if you need to change a car.