The house of the star renews the transversal vehicle that unites the world of individuals with that of companies. A 100% electric version is also coming in the second half of 2022.

Citan is a type of vehicle that may not thrill at first glance but which is a great potential if you are looking for great spaciousness and compactness. Its shape is reminiscent of commercial vehicles and in a minimal form of reasoning we can say that it actually is.

The spaciousness, however, is at the highest levels and this allows us to be very helpful for all those people who need "a lot of space in a small space".

The car is in fact part of the Small Van segment and has been redesigned by professionals for individuals and professionals.

Recognizing Mercedes Citan is very easy because of the shape and lines. The proportions are balanced and it is pleasing to the eye. Some areas have been increased, such as the wheel arches or the belt lines. The shapes are clear-cut with reduced lines and a good expressiveness of the surfaces.

Climbing aboard the car we can immediately understand how the latter was developed horizontally in the dashboard . Drawing inspiration from a wing, the designers have come up with everything that we can admire and manage normally inside the car.

In this way, “spaciousness” is the first word that comes to mind and therefore allows for a balanced and comfortable vehicle.

There is not a single version of Citan but there are several and they can be totally molded to meet people's needs. Initially we will start from the "traditional" versions but later there will be other versions depending on the more or less short wheelbase.

This does not mean, however, that by decreasing the pace there is a smaller internal dimension. In fact, Citan has been totally designed almost exclusively for the short wheelbase in terms of spaciousness.

The vehicle is equipped with side sliding doors and this is very useful in tight parking spaces. Comfort is also something exceptional as all Mercedes vehicles can guarantee.

At the time of the vehicle presentation, 3 diesel engines and two petrol engines will be available. If we choose a diesel version and we need extra power when overtaking, the Overpower function will meet us, which allows us to temporarily have an increase in power that can even reach 295 Newton of torque.

The vehicles are characterized by a 6-speed manual gearbox in the diesel version and a 7-speed double clutch version in the petrol version.

Let's not forget that Mercedes is very attentive to the electric market and in fact has already announced that a 100% electric version of this vehicle will be presented in mid-2022.

The autonomy can be used on approximately 285 km and this is a value that allows to satisfy all private and professional users who use this vehicle in ordinary urban activities.

The Citan is therefore an excellent vehicle that can be safely recommended to all those who have the pleasure and the desire to have a compact but very spacious vehicle that comes out of the traditional SUV schemes and that is higher in terms of height than a station wagon. .

credit photo MERCEDES media press