In this article we will see the ultra-limited edition of only 55 examples of the great German spider.

Those who love Mercedes can only have dreamed even once of getting behind the wheel of the legendary SL. We are talking about the most important and most prestigious Coupé of the German brand.

Now the little SLK is no longer produced, but when the little sister was also in production, the eyes of the whole world were drawn to the big sister. Being able to drive a Mercedes SL meant (and does mean) driving an excellent car in every single respect.

Thanks to the long tradition and Mercedes engineering, the technology is always at the top of the range, already in the first edition in 1952. In fact, the German company had kicked off the long history of the maxi Coupé in the first post-war period, with the legendary 300SL.

Since that day, the range of open sports has always been updated with a tone of refinement and excellence. There was no shortage of special editions, and now Mercedes has created something truly exclusive: just 55 units to pay homage to the 1952 progenitor.

This limited edition will be available in two body colours, High-Tech Magno Silver and Côte d'Azur Blue.

The colors are clearly combined with blue or red leather interiors, and thus take up the colors of the first SL.

Choosing a vehicle of this type, and with this prestige, means ensuring something unique even in the interior customizations.

We all know that Mercedes has a customization department, which manages to respond perfectly and immediately to any request from the most demanding owner. Also on this car, therefore, there is no shortage of particularities created by the ad hoc Manufaktur customization department.

Under the bonnet we find a very powerful 4000 cubic cm displacement declined in a 476 horsepower V8 structure. Alongside this engine, all in all important and impressive in driving, come the more exasperated 63 AMG with 585 HP and 43 AMG with 381 HP.

These are two engines made by the AMG sector which therefore manage to glue the owner and the passenger even more to the seats of the car.

Looking at the car from the outside, you immediately notice how the attention to detail and the fluidity of the lines manage to perfectly attract the enthusiast's eye. Climbing aboard the car, you are enveloped by two very elegant seats, and made with ultra-obsessive care.

Touching and caressing the leather of the seats, you immediately perceive the particularity and prestige of the solutions chosen by Mercedes. The seats are characterized by a rhomboidal design in the central part and are very containing.

This small choice might not seem fundamental, but it suggests a decidedly racing spirit for this car. Obviously those who choose a Mercedes SL are not necessarily tied to concepts of exaggerated racing, and it is possible to drive it very well in a city context or on a seafront.

Thanks to the feature of being able to quickly close the hood, you can go from a splendid spider to an everyday vehicle. Going to work with this car is definitely something exclusive, and only 55 people in the world will be able to boast about it.

It will certainly be a nice sight to be able to admire it live along our streets over the next few months. The lines are very tapered and almost reminiscent of a car projected into the future, but which takes a lot from the distinctive features of the first SL from the very early post-war period.

The large rear exhausts also lend a tone of power and dynamic character. On the other hand, we are certainly talking about a car with prices above 200,000 euros, even if no details have been released in this regard.

Clearly the super limited edition cannot have a price within everyone's reach, especially if we are talking about the top of the range for Mercedes within the world of Spiders.

Exclusivity comes at a price and Mercedes has never decided to lower the price level in order to embrace as many people as possible. Hence, how this car is almost the symbol and celebration of over 70 years of excellence within the luxury Spider segment of the Mercedes brand.

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