The house of the star has presented the electric version of the E class, which will be marketed from the middle of next year. Let's find out the details and autonomy of this beautiful sedan together.

After presenting the all-electric version of the S-class, now it's the turn of the electric version of the E-class.

To see this beautiful car, however, we have to wait for the middle of 2022 , as the car in question will be presented next year. Its line is very arched and fluid, characterized by a linear progression of the design.

At the rear there is also a small pronounced spoiler that creates a touch of dynamism to the car. The large wheels then allow you to have a complete characterization of the car in an area of refinement.

Climbing aboard the car you immediately notice the car's touches of refinement and innovation. The design is very minimal and is also characterized by the large hyperscreen, which characterizes the architecture of the dashboard.

Mercedes has worked hard on the car's range and promises it will reach up to 660km in full electric mode . A car therefore characterized by the ability to make important journeys and not simply a representative car in the city.

Traveling aboard a Mercedes is something elitist and in fact the star's house has also decided to work on the issue of quality on board the area. In fact, there will be a series of filters that allow to have a high level of filtration of fine dust as well as pollen and other substances contained in the air. Thanks to an advanced activated carbon filtration system, we have the reduction of sulfur dioxide and odors in the passenger compartment.

Before making a trip, it is also possible to activate the pre-air conditioning which allows you to purify the air inside the passenger compartment. Thanks to the integration with the Mercedes hyperscreen, all data relating to the pollution levels present in the passenger compartment are also possible.

We will initially see a featured version of the 215 kW EQE on the market . All early versions will have an electric powertrain on the rear axle, while future 4x4 versions will have a second electric powertrain on the front axle.

All fans of technical data will be delighted to learn about electric motor technology. The latter are of the synchronous type with permanent magnets or an alternating current electric motor characterized by a rotor where there are several permanent magnets.

In this way it is therefore not necessary to have an electrical power supply.

The lithium-ion battery also consists of 10 modules and a usable energy content of 90 kWh.

All these data are quite emblematic as a car a few millimeters long below 5 meters will allow it to be one of the most sought-after premium cars of next year.

credit photo MERCEDES media press