The German car manufacturer presents the ultra-sporty version of the mid-size SUV coupé.

In the automotive sector, Mercedes is well known and enthusiasts really appreciate the super technical and performance qualities of the AMG division. What lies behind these three letters is a real division that leads to the exasperation of the performance of the vehicles of the German star brand.

Normal cars are therefore completely transformed, in terms of horsepower and performance. Even the Mercedes A class is completely revolutionized and is made to be a real road beast.

Not least are the SUV coupés with the new hybrid technology. Combining a 2,000 cc engine with a four-cylinder and electrified structure with electric exhaust gas turbocharger and all the wisdom of AMG, the result is a car that truly glues to the seat.

A few weeks had passed since the presentation of the new GLC SUV with coupé technology, and now the brand presents the ultra-sporty GLC Coupé version. Mercedes' portfolio expands further and manages to completely cover every market segment that may interest customers.

It is possible to choose between two power levels, starting with the 63 S, the first high-performance Hybrid Coupé SUV. The system power is 680 horsepower, an exceptional figure which, when considered on a vehicle of significant dimensions, takes your breath away. There is also a more "contained" version, with 421 horsepower for more ordinary management.

The exaggerated silhouette of the cars is immediately recognizable and highlights the sporty soul. The rear lights are connected at the top of the radiator and emphasize the width of the vehicle. There is no shortage of sporty details that allow the car to be immediately recognizable when driving on the road. For example, the wheel arches painted in the same color as the body and the side skirts harmonize the elegant image of the car. The very wide track also integrates perfectly with the alloy wheels up to 21 inches.

For those who love customization, it will be possible to choose a glossy aesthetic with two-tone surfaces for the alloy wheels. There is obviously no shortage of options within the Mercedes world, as are the possibilities to customize the vehicle.

In the passenger compartment, the seats can be in a beautiful ARCTIC leather, or even in microfibre. The unique graphics and upholstery give a touch of sportiness that makes the lucky owner immediately identify with the interior of a car of the future.

Obviously there is no shortage of optional high-performance seats, but also other leather upholstery such as Nappa with the AMG emblem in relief. The steering wheel can also be customized in various combinations, and is flattened in the lower part, as well as being perforated in the grip area and equipped with aluminum gear shift paddles.

Inside the steering wheel there are two round buttons, which allow you to operate the various driving functions very quickly and precisely. The sports pedals, in addition to the mats and illuminated door sills, allow you to have a complete instrument panel with a sporty feel.

The infotainment system also allows you to have different displays and also specific functions, specifically for this vehicle. In fact, we would like to remind you of the presence of independent displays in the instrument panel, which allow you to have all the timely information relating to the car's performance.

If the SuperSport style is selected, it is possible to have and view exclusive content through a vertical display structure. In fact, there is a digital configuration menu that allows you to see the current chassis and transmission settings.

The navigation map, but also consumption data, can also be displayed within the SuperSport style. There is also a package called AMG TRACK PACE, which includes a data recorder for use on the track. Inside this package there is obviously the software that allows you to record more than 80 vehicle-specific data, 10 times per second while driving on the track. We are talking about values such as speed, but also acceleration and steering angle, as well as the operation of the brake pedal. Lap times, as well as the timing of the individual sector, are also displayed precisely and punctually.

Everything, however, arises from the power and capacity for extreme expression of the electrified engine. However, Mercedes AMG starts from the classic combustion engine, which has however been completely optimized in the German headquarters in Affalterbach, to have an additional thrust capacity thanks to electrification.

For fans of the automotive world and for people who want to go into detail, this engine is so far the only series engine in the world that is charged with an electric exhaust gas turbocharger via the additional 48 volt on-board electrical system.

This is a direct derivative of the technology used in Formula 1. This new form of charging allows for a particularly spontaneous response across the entire speed range.

An even more dynamic and efficient driving experience in every single aspect. Mercedes did not want to release information regarding prices, but we are certainly talking about premium prices for a truly exceptional car that will appeal to many enthusiasts.

The automotive world of luxury and sports versions knows no respite and knows no pause. Those who can spend tens and tens of thousands of euros to have their ultra-performance vehicle are very happy to get hold of the new goodies presented on the market. For this reason, we can't wait to admire this beautiful car in person in order to have a celestial vision of it thanks to its record-breaking performance.


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credit photo MERCEDES media press