According to the latest studies, it is clear that small and medium-sized enterprises, including workshops, do not know how to communicate adequately.

Knowing how to make a process or a product does not mean being able to communicate adequately. In fact, we can be the best connoisseur of a certain aspect, but we don't really know if this product is perceived and received adequately by people.

Therefore, this is how correct and complete communication is necessary, in every single aspect.

Communicating is something that is not immediate and must be adequately developed and planned over time. We must in fact be able to define, as soon as possible, an adequate communication line for our reality.

Among all the different workshops that may be present in our territory, we must be able to present it at its best, in order to create more value for the customer.

Realizing what has just been said is certainly not easy and it is simply not something within everyone's reach. Communicating, in fact, does not mean going to publish a simple post on social media or having any website or web page.

Technological progress has diversified and amplified the power of social media. Relying on communication agencies can be a good choice, but often it is something expensive and very expensive economically.

Here is how innovative and technologically advanced platforms such as YouDriver manage to define a new level of communication.

Communication, we must say, leads as a first aspect to the evolution of the company, and in this case the workshop. When we talk about evolution, we also talk about awareness of the people who are part of the workshop and of what the workshop expresses.

The Brand identity, which is condensed into visible elements, such as the name, the logo and a whole series of materials such as brochures, can be condensed into a page optimized for the Web, and for organic searches like YouDriver.

A good brand identity on YouDriver, or a good profile positioned on YouDriver, allows you to be immediately recognizable within a varied and diversified system.

We all know that today's world has tens of thousands of workshops in Italy and throughout Europe. This is why it is essential to optimize your page within YouDriver, in order to reach competitors as soon as possible.

YouDriver is nothing complex, and it is much simpler than managing a website or a social page. Facebook and Instagram take many hours of the time of a social media manager, or any person who is dedicated to the intent of good web positioning.

Social media and the web are constantly evolving and also drive image innovation. YouDriver wanted to anticipate all this, creating a homogeneous system that can be easily used by anyone.

When we go to create a new reality within YouDriver, we must immediately think about the intangible aspects that we want to bring out within our web page.

The images are fundamental, just to show how our workshop is different from the others.

The image of the people who work inside the workshops is something strategic, precisely because it manages to create a diversification of the appeal of the workshop itself.

If a particular customer does not know the workshop X, it will be difficult for him to know who works in this workshop: if there is the best mechanic and the best care.

Placing a photo of the mechanics on the YouDriver page allows you to create a direct link with the potential customer.

The latter obviously will view the page and will perceive an extra plus, which will be able to be totally adapted within a new world.

The will of the creators of YouDriver is to create constant innovation within the Automotive sector, which is totally simple and easily usable by users or workshops.

Those who founded YouDriver know the automotive world well, and know how to live in the world of workshops is complicated and tiring.

We all want the best and we would like it with as little effort as possible. YouDriver manages to make this exceptional reality. In this way, potential customers are absolutely easier to find the best workshop, even more clearly and even easier.

Thanks to YouDriver, you can:

  • Create your profile with your company data and be found by millions of visitors. You can showcase the strengths, promotions, photo albums and discounts. Plus, get online quote requests!
  • Selling spare parts, without paying the commissions you see in the other portals, in the market section. To manage the ads, just log in directly from your profile and you can use the filters to search / insert ads
  • Show off your skills, with videos and photos of the best mechanical, aesthetic or restoration work. Just create posts to showcase the best speeches and your services
  • Stay up to date on the latest news from the world of engines
  • Create events that your followers can participate in

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