The German automotive giants have decided to make 150 specimens, with truly unique interiors and exteriors.

When we talk about luxury and excellent quality, we are talking about Mercedes-Maybach: a combination that has always given great satisfaction to car enthusiasts.

In particular, these two car manufacturers have now decided to build 150 examples of a very limited series of exclusive cars.

Starting from the Concept of the S-Class presented last May, we are now lucky enough to be able to see 150 truly unique specimens live on the road.

All of this was revealed during a private event held in Dubai in recent days. This car is based on the S 680 version with a V12 engine and 610 horsepower.

On it, even more key concepts of exclusivity and refinement have been inserted.

Externally it is immediately recognizable, thanks to the double tint that makes the car look like a real yacht. The roof is characterized by a deep blue color, which is also present on the rims. The remaining part of the bodywork is declined in a truly unique gold tone.

Approaching the car, you can see very clearly the play of light that runs through the body.

Once you step into the car, you are greeted by a truly premium set of light shows. The interior of the passenger compartment has definitely been revolutionized in terms of attention to detail.

The references to the world of fashion are really very evident, and even start from the rugs made of linen and mohair wool. The rear area allows for a toast, after a business meeting, thanks to rose gold champagne flutes.

The infotainment has also been completely updated. The MBUX system of the S-Class has indeed received a new graphic with gold accents.

You can also choose 12 avatars as your driving profile, all featuring high-end fashion accessories. To complete the experience, a special car cover was given to each lucky buyer.

Obviously there is also a gift box, handmade, which contains an exclusive model with a truly unique key ring. Each individual car is then combined with a collection of bags that can be purchased in Maybach stores or even online.

Different sizes and dimensions, to give a practical uniqueness in being on board this car. The fabrics and materials are clearly inspired by the interior of the car. No information regarding the price, but it will certainly be well above the €300,000 that is needed to bring home a basic S680 car.

This car will not be the excellence of economy, given that it needs about 13 liters every 100 km to travel. In any case, this special limited edition allows for a complete sensory experience that highlights how the supreme elegance of the Mercedes-Maybach duo manages to pour into a car.

The combination of maximum craftsmanship, with materials of the highest quality, allows for the creation of a car that is truly unique in every respect. Every single car is made by a team of craftsmen and people capable of customizing every single centimeter of the car.

Clearly there will be an identification badge with serial number among the 150 produced. A truly made-to-measure car for the customer, which starts with a classic but exclusive two-tone paint finish on the exterior bodywork and however allows you to travel in an exciting situation inside.

Suffice it to say that as soon as the doors are opened, an animated light projection starts with the new Mercedes Benz or Mercedes Maybach motifs. All this takes place both in the front, but also in the rear area of the car.

A perfect combination therefore to create a car that is destined to remain resolutely within the automotive world as a symbol of luxury and prestige. No information has been released about the possible sale of cars, but we expect that they will all have already been sold, given the perfect combination of these two brands.

We just have to wait to see them on the road in order to really dream, even for a few moments, of being able to sit in the rear area with a personal driver for all our wishes.

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credit photo MERCEDES media press