The German brand presents the restyling of the car that gives a nod to SUVs, but maintains the car's DNA.

In a world where everyone wants to “be” an SUV…and everyone wants to buy an SUV, it is clearly difficult to position a car within other sectors.

However Mercedes has managed in recent years to decline interesting stylistic forms, suitable for different types of people. We are thinking, for example, of those who need more luggage space and greater volume inside the car, without entering the SUV segment.

In fact, not all people like this type of car, and there is still a good portion of motorists who prefer the classic car setting.

For this reason, Mercedes wanted to create a restyling of its B-class.

The car is resisting very well all the epochal change in the car world and offers a series of new electrified petrol engines in the Mild Hybrid and plugin typology. Obviously new diesel versions will be produced, but not 100% electric.

There will clearly be plenty of space…not only for passengers, but also for luggage. A car that has managed to win over thousands and thousands of customers in Italy and all over the world since 2005.

Mercedes class B was designed for a female target, in order to have as much space as possible for the children to take to school or for the good times spent on the weekend. Mercedes wanted to rejuvenate the car, carrying out small overall restyling in terms of design.

The biggest changes have been made in the headlights, with a new light signature and a number of changes to the grille.

Looking at the car from the rear, you immediately notice how the lights have been completely revised. LED technology is now standard and allows for a very elegant stylistic signature.

The car was equipped with four further alloy wheel designs, with dimensions up to 19 inches, including lightweight alloy wheels.

For those who want more dynamism, and wink at the sporting aspects, the AMG line declination cannot be missing. In this case, the alloy wheels will be painted glossy black with a multi-spoke design and a polished piping.

A car therefore that wants to characterize the Automotive world, also thanks to its 10 colors that allow you to have a car that is perfectly in line with your way of experiencing the world of four wheels.

Climbing aboard the car, we notice that there have been some adjustments to the interior trim, starting with the steering wheel. In fact, the latter is equipped with new touch controls, for better use while driving.

The infotainment has been perfected, by inserting the latest generation of the MBUX system, which can be viewed on the 10-inch displays on the car.

Clearly, with the constant development of cars and infotainment systems, improvements to the voice assistant cannot be missing, which now allows for more fluid and intuitive management of the entire car.

Returning to the subject of engines, as we have said there will be electrified petrol configurations (Mild Hybrid and Plugin), but diesel ones will not be missing either. With a power that can reach up to 224 horsepower when running on petrol, it is an excellent car for use in the city, taking full advantage of the benefits of sustainable mobility.

For those who want to buy a diesel instead, the 190 horsepower of the more powerful version is really very good for exploiting them in the ex urban area and on large motorway journeys.

Finally, those who have the opportunity to buy a car and recharge it at home, we recommend evaluating the plugin variant, consisting of a 163 horsepower 1300 cubic cm turbo petrol internal combustion engine combined with an electric unit of over 100 horsepower. The end result is a total power output of 218 HP with 450 Newton meters of torque.

Consumption is decidedly very low and, if developed in an urban setting, driving pleasure is guaranteed thanks to the presence of an automatic gearbox.

For those who want to drive the version in all-electric mode, taking advantage of the power and capability of the plugin version, they are only 30km devices. A limited mileage and certainly lower than the competitors, but which allow you to travel in absolute silence within a premium environment as Mercedes clearly offers.

Buying a Mercedes means buying a car made to perfection with Premium finishes whatever the car.

The seats are very comfortable and comfortable while driving. Being attentive to comfort does not mean giving up performance: the new B-class is able to get off the ground very quickly with acceleration times of less than 10 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h.

In terms of prices, this car starts at around 36,000 euros for the basic petrol version, reaching up to 46,000 euros for the plugin version.

Clearly we will have to discount any promotions from the parent company or the dealership, but we will certainly be able to find our ideal car.

Let us always remember that Mercedes declines different versions for each engine: in this case there are seven versions available. A wide choice that allows you to find your ideal configuration very quickly, within a segment that is decidedly not very easy to extricate.

Mercedes B-class is therefore a new car that offers itself to the public and to the automotive world in an absolutely innovative and absolutely well positioned way.

A car designed for ladies, but which can easily adapt to a boy who likes to load as much luggage on his car, without entering the world of SUVs.

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credit photo MERCEDES media press