The Japanese automotive giant presents an updated version of the best-selling car in the world.

Automotive enthusiasts will probably know it, but not everyone is aware of this exceptional feature. It's a real curiosity: Toyota Corolla is the best-selling car in the world.

We are not simply talking about Europe, but about the entire globe, thus including Asia and the United States of America. A global success, born very many years ago and which was possible thanks to the excellent quality of the materials and low consumption, as well as a very competitive price.

In fact, buying a Toyota Corolla car means taking home a well-built car at an affordable price that doesn't make you "cry" too much when you drive it.

Now the 2023 version has arrived, also updated with very interesting hybrid engines.

His debut took place in Spain and precisely in Malaga. A new, slightly revised aesthetic look with fifth generation hybrid technology.

Looking at it externally, you notice the differences in the front light clusters and alloy wheels.

New colors will allow the lucky owners of this new car to indulge themselves and make the driving experience unique.

However, we would like to underline the Toyota Full Hybrid technology, capable of combining 1800 and 2000 cm3 internal combustion engines with electric propulsion.

Toyota has stood out over time for the hybrid segment, such as the enormous success achieved by Yaris.

Technical improvements in an engineering aspect have made it possible to maximize the power even more and allow the battery to have a greater overall performance.

All this was possible, also in consideration of the decrease in battery size. It is therefore a complete redesign that also involved the technical dimensions inside the car.

As everyone knows, hybrid cars weigh more than traditional thermal cars. An important novelty for consumption is therefore the reduction in the overall weight of the car, thanks to the reduction in the size of the electric battery pack.

The internal combustion engine has been revised to allow greater efficiency and competitiveness. The use of a low viscosity oil allows, for example, the reduction of internal friction, just as other technical interventions have been made to improve driving pleasure.

The differential is smaller and lighter, thus allowing greater fluidity at the wheel.

Going into the technical details of the electrical sector, we can say that a lithium-ion hybrid battery has been placed on board. With a 14% reduction in weight, overall power is increased, but so is battery life.

For lovers of silent travel, we must say that the propulsion noise has been optimized and decreased, thanks to the new cooling system.

With a decrease in the overall size of the battery, the latter has been better positioned in the load compartment, going to reduce the overall dimensions. In this way, we have a trunk of 361 liters for the 5-door version and 596 liters for the station wagon version.

Analyzing the technical data, we can say that the car is a real gem, as it manages to accelerate from 0 to 100 km per hour in just 7 seconds and 4 tenths. All this thanks to the powerful 2000 cubic cm engine and 196 horsepower.

Making a comparison with the previous version, when driving you can immediately perceive the increase in power and also the fluidity when driving. The throttle responds much more perky and the power delivery is really smooth.

This way, you can sneak out of any city traffic or have good power in the highway overtaking phase.

For those who live in the mountains or travel routes with ups and downs, the hybrid system now operates at lower revs, allowing for a quieter ride.

The latest generation has also made it possible to have a better relationship between car and driver, thanks to the indications that are imprinted in the 12-inch digital cockpit, where the driver is warned to release the accelerator and increase the engine brake for battery regeneration .

Obviously, in terms of infotainment, we have the maximum Corolla technologies currently available, such as the already introduced 12-inch fully customizable digital cockpit.

The new Toyota Corolla is now available in two trim levels and two body variants.

Indicatively we are talking about prices between 33,000 and about 40,000 euros.

We must say that the prices are in line with the competitors and that they will surely repay the excellent manufacturing quality of Toyota inside this beautiful new car. A car therefore perfect for those who love to combine quality, space, attention to detail and low fuel consumption.

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credit photo TOYOTA media press