The South Korean house has decided to present a prototype model that will lead the way in 2024 for a new 100% electric SUV model.

Hence, KIA has presented a new car now in a prototype version but which must absolutely be converted to an electric car in 2024.

Using the same platform as the # EV6 already on the market, the # EV9 line is decidedly square and minimalist. The height from the ground is remarkable and you can also see it from the photos that have been branched from the South Korean house.

The style is interesting where the shape of the front and rear lights that run in the ribs of the car is made minimal. A further step therefore towards electrification also by the South Korean company which therefore has an interesting project to expand its range.

According to the manufacturer, this Concept can reach up to 480 km of autonomy and take advantage of a decidedly generous wheelbase of over 3 meters.

This car seems capable of carrying people on three tiers of seat rows thanks to its generous wheelbase and important dimensions.

The prototype also mounts 22-inch wheels which, however, are not too heavy to the eye as the whole bulk of the car is decidedly large and abundant.

An excellent figure therefore in terms of autonomy given the almost 5 meters length for this car and the height of 180 cm.

Looking at the interior renderings, we can see how Kia intends to make the car as minimal as possible as if it were a small spaceship. The most interesting aspect of the whole interior though is the front grille which can turn into a display when the vehicle is switched on.

There is also a small solar panel which is positioned in the large air intake in the upper front. In this way, although small quantities, there will be a recharge of the car during the journey.

This car was obviously also designed for all those who intend and need to transport goods and products on the roof. In order to increase aerodynamic efficiency, retractable roof bars have been designed which are therefore used only in case.

Obviously the side mirrors are just a memory and are replaced by small cameras that are positioned in order to minimize the impact on the road.

The dashboard is also made with a 27-inch interactive display, obviously interconnected with a state-of-the-art system capable of creating an exceptional connection with the driver.

Inside the prototype, the seats can also be moved and can also be turned over in order to transform the car into a mini living room.

We will see how many of these new features and features will be repositioned inside the car that will be put on the road a few years from now.

credit photo KIA media press