The little girl from the all-electric Romanian company has made an exploit in terms of orders in just eight months.

When we say electrification we often say a high cost that consumers should bear at the beginning. In fact, buying an electric car is definitely not an economic thing even if it is an important act of responsibility towards the environment.

The car manufacturer Dacia decided to present a small city car on the market 8 months ago, making the conversion to electric democratic.

Its name is Dacia Spring and in these eight months of presence on the Italian market it has recorded truly exceptional data. In less than 3 quarters, 40,000 orders were received, an exceptional figure for an ever-expanding market niche such as electricity.

The reason for all this reality is obviously linked to the price which is starting from € 20,000. The Crossover look also allows you to have a really interesting dynamism on the road and has a range of up to 300 km in the city or 230 in the combined cycle.

Therefore, all those who are inclined to use the car inside the city are therefore surrounded by a revolution in terms of autonomy.

Having a car of not even € 20,000 electric therefore allows you to be absolutely independent from the fuel recharging stations and to be able to recharge your car directly inside your garage.

This car is obviously not a flagship product for the Automotive department and is certainly surpassed in terms of technology by many other manufacturers but it is absolutely a revolutionary car for a low price range.

Furthermore, this success has been enjoying a wide audience since July throughout Europe. Over 5000 orders are considered each month and this on a European scale is a characteristic feature.

A particular data to be analyzed is also that linked to the purchase of the first Dacia. For 8 out of 10 owners, this car is the first Dacia car. According to a marketing analysis, this car is therefore simply a perfect link to make known the manufacturing capabilities of Dacia which is part of the Renault group and which could therefore allow in a subsequent phase of possession of the property, the conversion to other models of the Dacia brand.

Spring is therefore a 100% electric car at a decidedly competitive price which therefore allows for an optimal situation for a subsequent conversion to more performing models.

Observing it on the road you can see its compactness and its dynamism that goes perfectly with the compact but not too compact dimensions of the passenger compartment. The latter in fact is well finished in relation to the technology and the price range it belongs to.

Obviously, Dacia Spring is not positioned on a Premium market but in any case it is an excellent product that could continue to give excellent results to Dacia and Renault not only in Italy, but also throughout Europe.

credit photo RENAULT media press