The German star presents the entry level cars of its electric world.

Sustainable mobility is continuing to grind presentations and "refinements" of the cars on the market. Even Mercedes, one of the most prestigious companies in the world, is gradually perfecting its electric cars.

Mercedes EQA and Mercedes EQB are certainly nothing new for the Automotive world, but now the time has come to present the new versions.

Characterized by a different style and character, these two cars immediately achieved good success. EQA is more urban, and was created to accommodate people looking for a compact SUV in size, but with large internal spaces.

Mercedes EQB, on the other hand, can also offer a 7-seater version and is perfect for those who need more space in their free time.

Each of the two cars can be purchased in seven versions, in order to maximize the level of customization. The prices are certainly not cheap, and start from around 56 thousand euros for EQA and 58 thousand euros for EQB.

However, we are in the first "research and production step" that Mercedes has designed for the development of electric cars. It is therefore normal for prices to be slightly higher than the same endothermic vehicles.

Aesthetically these new versions present themselves with a truly interesting design. At the front we notice newly designed black panels, with a star motif that align perfectly with the premium versions of Mercedes electric SUVs.

Obviously there is a light band, which connects the front LED lights, as well as a new bumper which underlines the very broad effect of the front.

Looking at them from the rear three-quarters, you immediately notice how the rear lights have also been renewed.

Climbing aboard the EQA, we immediately notice a steering wheel of the latest conception and generation, with touch controls and lime wood finishes.

Being electric cars, Mercedes has paid a lot of attention to the charging phase and autonomy. For Mercedes EQA we are talking about 560 km according to the WLTP approval cycle.

This interesting and important result was obtained thanks to an aerodynamic optimization process and a careful study linked to the tyres.

The vehicle also allows you to turn off some areas of the displays, in order to limit energy consumption and therefore have greater autonomy.

There is also news regarding charging, which has been made easier in the process. Thanks to Mercedes' "Plug ang Charge" function, the EQA and EQB can be recharged even more conveniently at all "Plug ang Charge"-enabled public charging stations.

Technically charging starts as soon as the charging cable is inserted. There is therefore no need to further authenticate via applications or cards. A great innovation, which allows people to immediately immerse themselves in their daily lives without having to wait, and think about which application to use in that specific context.

Music lovers on board the car will certainly be well satisfied with the new optional surround sound system, which allows for an amazing immersive audio experience.

With this new multimedia system, music manages to have greater depth and clarity in every single note. The new technology introduced by Mercedes allows the playback environment to be adapted, so that everyone in the car can hear the music with almost the same clarity, compared to an original vision of the artists in the studio.

In other words, it almost feels like you are a few centimeters in front of the musicians.

There is clearly no shortage of driver assistance systems, with new sensor technology that has been improved. A very simple example is the active keeping of the car within the lane, which now works more comfortably, thanks also to the intervention of the steering instead of the ESP.

These are small details that allow the EQA and EQB cars to be more performing and comfortable to drive. These two vehicles are clearly the entry into the world of Mercedes electric vehicles, but they are also a reflection of what the future electric cars of tomorrow will be like.

Mercedes has always been synonymous with quality and is able to anticipate the future. Thanks to the important contribution of Mercedes research and development, it has always been synonymous with high quality, but also with optimal choices in anticipating the times.

These new vehicles manage to detail in a precise and broad way all the needs of people looking for a compact, but also spacious and environmentally friendly SUV.

We will see how the other brands will react, who are also active in sustainable mobility and who can duel and fight Mercedes in this area. Sustainable mobility is in fact embracing various sectors, not only that of compact cars, but also of premium vehicles, especially within the SUV segment.

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credit photo MERCEDES media press