The German automotive company presents the third generation of its SUV, crucial for sales within the European market.

We have now reached the third generation of the Volkswagen Tiguan, an aerodynamic car and now longer than the previous version.

A medium-sized SUV, which will be launched at the beginning of the new year, but is already showing off its beauty with petrol, diesel and even hybrid engines.

This vehicle was born in 2007 and to date over 7 million units have been produced worldwide. This clearly means that we are talking about an enormously successful vehicle, not only in Italy and Europe, but in every corner of the world.

In fact, Tiguan manages to intercept various targets, all very specific but which all ask for high manufacturing quality and engine quality.

This new Tiguan was born on the new platform that was shared with the most recent innovations from the Volkswagen group. The new platform has in fact been perfected in order to better accommodate the electric components of the hybrid versions.

The new Tiguan is 3 cm longer than the previous generation, while the wheelbase does not change. This does not mean that we are talking about a car that has not increased its volumetric capacity, or its ability to provide comfort inside.

In fact, the interior spaces have been revised and now traveling aboard the third generation Tiguan is truly very comfortable. Excluding the hybrid versions, the trunk has also grown, reaching up to 652 litres. In this way passengers are able to be comfortable and the trunks find ample space on board.

The perceived quality of the materials has clearly been the subject of analysis and refinement by Volkswagen engineers. New materials and also new color combinations were chosen, as well as the inclusion of valuable accessories, such as seats with massage, but also heating and ventilation.

Externally, the Tiguan style is immediately recognisable, now with more modern headlights and an integrated LED that replaces the classic grille. Compared to the previous series, the light units are thinner and are now also offered with the futuristic LED HD Matrix IQ Light technology.

The wheel arches are really muscular and enhance the sides of the car. Lovers of large alloy wheels will be happy to know that they can fit dimensions of up to 20 inches.

Observing the car from the rear three-quarters, we notice the long full-width light band, which allows us to give the perfect size of the car. Externally the car therefore appears modern and sporty, but inside it is no different.

Getting into the car you immediately notice the large dashboard and the large screen positioned in the upper central part. The dimensions can also reach 15 inches diagonally, depending on the version chosen, in addition to the 10 inches of the digital cockpit.

For those who wish, the head-up display will also be available, to have all the information without ever taking your eyes off the road.

Voice commands will not be missing, as will a whole series of connected services and the virtual assistant. Inside the central console, there is a multifunction control also equipped with an OLED display. In this way, the control of the automatic transmission, which is now the only one available, has been moved to the steering column.

Depending on need, the control located in the center of the dashboard can manage various aspects, such as the volume of the audio system or the traction mode. A command that is somewhat reminiscent of that of other German manufacturers, but which as we see, is maintained despite the car digitalisation process.

Designing a car does not simply mean creating excellent engines and a beautiful aesthetic line, but asking and questioning the use and practicality of small gestures by motorists.

There is no shortage of two wireless charging platforms, as well as very particular internal lighting.

Under the hood, as we said, there are different configurations that adapt to the different needs of the geographical areas of the world. For lovers of petrol engines we find a 2000 cc with turbocharger of 204 or even 265 horsepower.

Diesel lovers will be able to count on the classic 2000 displacement with turbocharger and 150 horsepower or 193 horsepower.

The petrol hybrids with Mild technology will have a 1500 cubic centimeter engine with 130 or 150 horsepower. For the plug-in hybrid versions the power is 204 or 272 horsepower.

As we said previously, all gearboxes will be automatic with DSG technology. The number of gears will be 6 in the plugins, while seven in all the others.

The autonomy of plug-in hybrid cars will reach 100 km, while the total autonomy will reach 1000 km.

Obviously there is no shortage of versions with all-wheel drive, equipped with a new clutch on the rear axle and a new centrifugal pendulum that neutralizes vibrations.

A car therefore generous and capable of easily adapting to off road. All thanks also to the new DCC Pro adaptive chassis.

In terms of setups we have four choices. Already from the basic model, however, we have 17-inch alloy wheels as standard, but also LED headlights, as well as the Digital cockpit and 12-inch infotainment. Obviously there is a fairly complete package of assisted driving aids.

Going up the configuration, we can find the three-zone climate control, but also the adaptive cruise control and comfort seats.

The top of the range is distinguished by two configurations: elegant or sporty. The result is a different practical declination of the car, with even 20-inch wheels, or heated seats with massage function.

No information has been released regarding the new prices, precisely because the car will arrive in the very first months of 2024. What we can say, however, is the excellent work done once again by the Volkswagen engineers, who have created the car which is excellent in every respect and capable of intercepting once again the different needs of people spread across the globe.

The third generation of the Volkswagen Tiguan presents itself as an excellent solution for those looking for a medium-sized SUV with balanced consumption.


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credit photo VOLKSWAGEN media press