The historic US car has been updated and will only be hybrid starting next year.

The world of sustainable mobility "strikes" and also advances within some segments that might seem impossible to scratch.

We are talking in particular of the new Jeep Wrangler, which seemed impossible to combine with the concept of hybrid. In fact, the diesel seemed to be the undisputed king of this off-road queen, and instead something is about to change.

The 2022 edition is in fact offered within the European territory only and exclusively in a plug-in rechargeable hybrid version. Currently 70% of buyers choose this car and therefore Stellantis has decided to make the leap in quality.

Thanks to the introduction of the new 2022 model, we have two new body colors and a new multimedia system. Obviously, the engine does not change as there are no changes to the form of power and propulsion. Under the hood we always find a 4-cylinder engine with 2000 cubic centimeters and two electric motors combined with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The total power is equal to 380 horses with a distance only in 100% electric mode of approximately 50 km.

Those who decide to buy the new Jeep will also benefit from the additional strength of the windshield featuring Gorilla Glass technology that can be purchased on some trim levels.

The new colors also allow you to characterize your car with a further touch of uniqueness.

The roof can also be combined in different ways and in different materials depending on the layout. In fact, it is also possible to have a roof with a folding soft top consisting of a soft part for the front seats and a hard part for the rear seats.

The multimedia system characterized by a size of 8.4 inches and the connection apps will also be modified.

Thanks to the new technologies it will be possible to remotely control the car by checking maintenance and searching for recharging stations.

This new car has been modified and implemented over the years in order to reach more and more new people and always be able to intercept market trends.

Even if the years pass, we notice how the interest in this car and in this world does not change.

Jeep was in fact able to make it always modern, but not distorting the typical DNA of this exceptional car. Appointment in a few months for the presentation on the road of this new exceptional vehicle.

credit photo STELLANTIS media press