The Italian-American house is the brand in Italy with the highest number of SUVs sold with plugin hybrid engines.

2021 closes with important data for Jeep. We are talking about a real success thanks to the 4xe technology.

Thanks to the bet to place a form of hybrid plug-in power even on vehicles that did not really seem propitious for this form of power, Jeep has managed to position itself on the top step of the podium.

This primacy is very important in a path towards a future definition of green mobility. Over the last two years this new concept of Jeep declined to an eco-sustainable management has been extensively developed in the various cars that have the Jeep brand.

Efficiency in the city and also the ability to drive the car for long distances outside the city streets in the event that the battery pack runs out of its electric range.

The Compass and Renegade cars were the bestsellers in their segments but the Wrangler also presented a very good look to boast for the automaker.

Looking at all the car manufacturers, Jeep achieved an overall share of around 4% in the last year, an increase compared to the previous year. For the hybrid vehicle mode, on the other hand, a share of around 11% was reached.

Jeep's goal is to reach 70% of the electrified version of the global range within 3 years.

We always remember that Jeeps are able to recharge the battery during the journey thus eliminating the anxiety linked to autonomy and the lack of columns. Thanks to this ingenious technology, it will therefore be possible to reduce consumption as soon as the battery pack has exhausted its autonomy.

We will see if there will be any news regarding Jeep in 2022 even if they do not seem to be relevant. The individual cars will be modernized with the new model, which will clearly allow new and more performing indications of exclusivity.

This data is emblematic as it manages to certify how sustainable mobility has now become an essential aspect.

If just a few years ago someone had dared to use an electric motor on an SUV, particularly a Wrangler, this person would probably have been taken as crazy or as a visionary of a very distant future.

Thanks to increasingly high-performance technology, reality is different from how we imagined it ten years ago.

The first hybrids and the first electric cars are now able to decline even on large and heavy vehicles. Clearly the weight has a significant influence on the term of autonomy but all in all the car manufacturers have now adapted to large battery packs to ensure important terms of autonomy.

credit photo STELLANTIS media press