The French automotive house announces a new set-up that stands out for the rich standard equipment and some customizations on the aesthetic side.

The Automotive market is often looking for car customizations. Firstly, the reason is that automotive manufacturers must clearly create models that are able to intercept people's tastes, and secondly, they aim to customize cars.

After a certain period of time from the debut of a car, in fact, we always try to customize the cars with new outfits. There are various reasons linked to the creation of new installations.

The simplest is to go and embrace the largest number of people who are interested in that car, but who are not totally convinced of a particular set-up. If we take for example a small city car with a low price, in case it could be bought by a guy who doesn't have much money. It could be that this guy has a sporty soul and he wouldn't mind having a car with some sport-related details . Hence, the Automotive house could create a sports set-up, in order to intercept people with a certain willingness to pay, and who are interested in a certain way of experiencing the car.

Another motivation linked to the need to create installations is that relating to the creation of limited series developed on installations. Placing a Premium price for a particular set-up clearly creates a skimming of the market and a limited number of potential people who can buy the car. In this way, a Premium factor is created within the car itself.

It is news a few hours ago that Citroen has decided to create a special set-up that will be available in Citroen # C3, C3 Aircross and # C5 Aircross cars. This type of set-up will be positioned between the Feel Pack and Shine Pack set-ups. To characterize this set-up, there are a whole series of rich standard features and some aesthetic customizations, as we have already said. To recognize this set-up, simply look at the embossed badge with the name of the limited series, which has been placed above the front fender or on the front doors, depending on the model in question.

Starting with the C3, prices start at around € 19,000 for the sedan and € 23,000 for the C3 Aircross. In both cases, they are based on the Feel version and have some features in the bronze tint visible on the roof, or on the side airbumps, but also on the profiles of the fog lights and on the rear pillars.

Inside, nothing changes and in fact there is the permanence of the gray fabric upholstery. It is also possible for the C3, the black contrast roof, combined with the body colors in white, gray, sand and platinum gray. Alternatively, it is possible to have the white roof combined, of course, with the black bodywork. There are also heated seats and emergency braking.

As for the C3 Aircross, we have several options, such as automatic climate control, but also automatic wipers with hill assist and electrically foldable mirrors. For those who want to have maximum and complete traction, the optional grip control with Hill Assistant will be possible to better tackle the climbs.

As for the C5 Aircross, it starts with Color Anodised Bronze combined with suspensions with progressive hydraulic dampers that allow total comfort, the impression of really traveling in a living room.

The seats are really comfortable, as they combine high-density foam on the inside of the backrest, as well as a thicker layer of foam on the surface. The multimedia system. visible on the 10-inch screen, it has Android auto and Apple carplay inside. This car can be configured both in plug-in hybrid engines, with an 8-speed automatic gearbox, but also with a traditional gearbox and petrol or diesel.

Prices, in this case, range from around € 33,000 for the thermal versions, up to around € 44,000 for the plug-in hybrid version.

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Credit photo STELLANTIS media website