The French brand creates a special series to celebrate the 10 thousand units sold in Italy.

Not everyone knows this truly premium brand, linked to Citroen. Still within the Stellantis maxi group, today is the turn to talk about DS. In particular, today we are talking about a SUV car, which reached the coveted milestone of 10,000 sold in Italy.

These numbers may be scarce, but we are talking about a very beautiful and particular car. It goes a bit out of the traditional aesthetic schemes, but it presents itself, once on board, with a truly premium luxury and attention to detail.

The French SUV in question is available in a special version with prices starting from € 37,000, up to around € 50,000. To reach this milestone of 10,000 sold in Italy, it took 4 years. In fact, the car has been available in Italy since 2018 and is characterized by its sporty design while remaining within the scope of SUV cars.

To celebrate this milestone, a special edition called Édit10n Limitée was created, created on the basis of the most requested set-ups, namely Grand Chic and Performance line +.

Two settings that combine the concept of exclusivity and sportiness.

Obviously, this limited series includes further areas of customization and an even richer standard equipment. Upon entering the car, you immediately notice how leather plays a fundamental role. The multimedia screen, in the Grand Chic version, is a 12-inch touchscreen, which therefore allows total management of the car without any worries.

The screen is also equipped with 3D technology, which therefore allows you to take a leap into the future with this beautiful car . As soon as you drive the new DS7, you immediately appreciate the characterization of the 20-inch alloy wheels that bring the car to a remarkable level of comfort and dynamism.

The car is also driven by headlights with DS Active Led Vision technology, which therefore allow you to have a clear view of everything in front of the car.

In the Grand Chic version, the electric tailgate is also available, as well as the rear view camera with parking sensors.

As for the Performance Line + trim level, this limited version features Alcantara interiors and the same 12-inch touch screen display with 3D navigation. The air conditioning, in this case, is automatic with an extended two-zone structure, in addition of course to the rear camera with parking sensors and electronic tailgate.

Also in this case, there is no lack of the extended Safety Pack and LED headlights.

Under the hood, we find diesel or electric engines. For lovers of endothermic engines, we have a 1500 cubic cm turbodiesel with BlueHDI technology and 130 horsepower.

In combination with this engine, we have an automatic gearbox with front-wheel drive. For lovers of sustainable mobility, on the other hand, we have the E-Tense Plug-In Hybrid system in the 225 horsepower versions with front-wheel drive and 300 horsepower with all-wheel drive, created thanks to a second electric motor mounted and installed on the rear wheels.

The heat engine in this case is a 1600 cubic cm 4-cylinder turbo petrol engine.

As we said at the beginning, this car comes with affordable prices, in relation to the class of this beautiful painting.

It probably won't be very recognized along the streets by all the people, but it's a real little gem that DS has made and has been marketing with excellent results for about 4 years.

We will see, therefore, how the market will react to this introduction of the limited series, in order to appreciate as soon as possible, on the road, the innovations created by the Stellantis group and in particular by the DS brand.

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credit photo STELLANTIS media press