The German automotive giant expands the range of the new Mercedes GLC.

Combining the sprint of comfortable vehicles such as SUVs with ultra-powerful engines is not a few magic. Clearly under the hood there must be really high-performance engines to leave a mark within the automotive world.

Mercedes has always been queen with its AMG division of top performance. The GLC SUV is a perfect SUV for families, thanks to the abundant space, and which now also receives the extreme versions powered by AMG configurations and engines.

The most compact is the GLC 43 4Matic, while if we go up in configuration we find the 63 SE Performance, with plugin engine.

In both cases, they can be recognized externally by the characteristic features of the AMG line, but also by getting on board. Both cars have a 9-speed automatic gearbox, specifically designed for truly lightning-fast gear changes.

Starting from the more "compact" 43, under the bonnet we find a 2-litre four-cylinder capable of delivering a total power of 421 horsepower. Compared to the previous generation, we are talking about 14 more horsepower.

Going up in category we find the 63 S, which also has a 2000 engine capacity under the bonnet, but with 476 horsepower then combined with an electric unit on the rear axle.

The latter allows you to have an immediate response and another 204 horsepower for a more balanced distribution of weight and power. In this way, the overall power is 680 horsepower and the maximum combined torque reaches over 1,000 Nm.

The range in electric mode alone is very limited and is just 12 km. To travel in 100% green mode, there is an energy recovery system… or simply connect the electrical socket to the car.

Climbing aboard, you immediately notice how we are on a top-of-the-range Mercedes. The large central display positioned in the center of the dashboard allows you to have everything under control, with a truly futuristic dynamism of lines.

The driver benefits from AMG Dynamic Select drive programs. To be precise, five driving programs will be available in the more compact power version, i.e. the 43…while for the more extreme version, 8 driving programs have been studied and made available.

There is clearly no lack of active roll stabilization, which is able to compensate for body movements electronically.

In order to create something exclusive, Mercedes wanted to define and put an exclusive version into production for the first year of launch: the Edition One. This version will be characterized by the exterior colors Graphite Gray Magno or Hight-tech Silver Magno. There are also specific ad hoc alloy wheels, specially made with a 21-inch diameter with crossed spokes and finished in a black package.

The interiors, on the other hand, will be characterized by stitching and black or yellow contrasts, in perfect AMG style. A car therefore that does not want to go unnoticed, and which indeed stands as one of the queens within the automotive world of SUVs for sports versions.

It is no coincidence that the AMG Track Pace is also present, i.e. the data recorder for use on the track. In fact, what we are presenting is an ideal car to be taken on the track thanks to a series of devices which allow the recording of over 80 specific data on the vehicle, such as speed, but also acceleration and steering angle, for example.

All of this is recorded ten times a second, while driving on a track… precisely to have maximum control of how the car behaves. Of course, lap or sector times are not lacking, but also training and analysis tools.

The Mercedes infotainment system also includes various displays and specific functions for these two AMGs. There will be special instrument panels: inside the vertically oriented central display, information for performance data can be read.

In fact, the exclusive SuperSport style will be present, where Mercedes offers the possibility of displaying different contents thanks to a vertical structure.

For lovers of technical goodies, the engine that will be placed under the hood is the only engine in the world to be oversized with an electric exhaust gas turbocharger. This system is totally unknown in production cars, but is derived directly from the technology used in Formula 1. In this way the supercharging guarantees a truly spontaneous response over the entire rev range.

The result is an even more dynamic driving experience while increasing efficiency at the same time.

The two turbochargers of the cars are not the same, as that of the 63 S is indeed bigger. In this way a greater air flow is obtained and also a greater power.

There is no information on prices, but they certainly won't be contained... also in consideration of the acceleration times that these cars offer. We're talking about cars that can easily outrun supercars, thanks to the three and a half seconds needed to go from zero to 100 km/h. With an electronically regulated maximum speed of 275 km/h, it is clear that there is no shortage of sprint and the desire to break every performance record.

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