The Automotive house has finally presented the new generation, with larger dimensions and truly top comfort.

Hyundai is certainly one of the global giants in the automotive world. Its goal is to create comfortable and perfect cars for the family, at a decidedly low cost.

It will be presented at the upcoming Los Angeles auto show and arrival in Europe is scheduled for the first half of 2024, but the first official photographs of the new Santa Fe have already been released.

We are talking about a seven-seater, which takes inspiration from the electric models of the South Korean group.

Nothing we remember about the Hyundai Santa Fe will be confirmed in this new generation. In fact, looking at the car, we seem to be observing the classic US-style maxi SUV, with very large dimensions and a truly imposing nose.

We're actually talking about Hyundai, and an automotive house born and created to sell in every corner of the world.

This fifth generation of the Hyundai Santa Fe focuses above all on the space on board, thanks to a total length of 483 cm and a wheelbase of 281 cm. Compared to the previous generation, therefore, both the total length and the wheelbase have increased, with a direct benefit for those who sit above all in the second and third row.

For travel lovers and for those who need to carry a lot of suitcases, we also point out an increase in the declared capacity of around 91 liters compared to the old model.

Under the bonnet, we find two petrol engines, which use the 1600 cubic cm in the full Hybrid or Plug in version. We have no information relating to the total horses, but we can say that those released by the thermal component are 160, or 180.

Furthermore, on some markets, Hyundai plans to produce a 2,500 cubic centimeter petrol engine, both in the turbocharged configuration and also without a turbocharger.

Climbing aboard the car, you immediately notice how there is a clear departure from the past, starting with the large displays that are positioned above the steering wheel and in the center of the dashboard.

The wow effect is absolutely guaranteed, and also the practicality of use takes a step further than the older generation.

The two 12-inch screens are enclosed within a curved display, which allows you to have everything under control.

The seats are made to perfection, and are adjustable in many inclinations. In light of the recent pandemic and the attention of many countries still to this problem, a small UV-C ray tray has been inserted for the sterilization of small objects.

There are obviously two platforms for wireless charging of mobile phones, which are therefore perfect for being recharged in no time.

Going back outside, and looking at the car, you immediately notice how the large 21-inch wheels make the car imposing, also thanks to the minimal LED headlights, which have been positioned at the front and rear.

For lovers of particular car colors, this car will surely be the right inspiration for your passion. In fact, there are many body colors, with the possibility of making the car unique in its kind.

When you decide to buy this car, you will first have to choose between the two special outfits that Hyundai wanted to create.

The former pays more attention to comfort and luxury, while the latter is more geared towards off-roaders and those who love life in the open air.

Clearly Hyundai has done an excellent job in terms of driving aids too, and in fact the car has every aid on the market. There is also an operating system that allows you to update the car without going to the dealership or workshop.

In this way, future Hyundai Santa Fes can be updated simply by driving them, thanks to the "on air" transmission present in the car.

A car therefore that is completely different from the previous one and that creates a clear break with the past. There are currently no diesel engines and this could make people turn up their noses in some countries, while the electric component is rewarded.

We'll see if tomorrow Hyundai will decide to create a diesel engine, to embrace more countries in consideration of its global coverage.

Prices? No indiscretion at the moment, but we expect a slight upward adjustment in consideration of the step forward, made by Hyundai on this new generation.


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credit photo HYUNDAI media press