The Italian Automotive house has produced the fifth generation of its vehicle declined both for families, but also for those who work.

Very many years have passed since the Fiat Doblò entered people's homes.

It was the year 2000, when the first generation entered the automotive world. Subsequently, some details, internal and external, were gradually refined.

An important novelty, and very symptomatic of the moment of ecological transition, is the motorization of the car version. The latter will be present only with an electric motor, while for the commercial version there will also be thermal engines.

Fiat therefore responds to the other car manufacturers within the Stellantis maxi umbrella, in terms of electrification. The other manufacturers, such as Peugeot and Citroen, had already moved for some time to renew their vehicles, and now Fiat responds with a very interesting proposal.

People who decide to purchase the Doblò in the passenger version will be able to choose it only in the electric version, thus following the electrification process that will see all Fiat models in the coming years.

As for the commercial sector, the new Doblò will have Turbo petrol engines, but also turbo diesel and electric ones. Those who are interested in the world of sustainable mobility and need a commercial vehicle can therefore combine these two needs.

This vehicle is contemplated, both for holidays, but also for leisure in the version, of passengers with a range of 280 km. The autonomy is clearly not very high and therefore the recharge times must also be considered, which are about 30 minutes to reach 80% with a technical autonomy of 220 km.

The versatility of the passenger compartment, however, is a key aspect inside the Doblò for those who work, but also for recreational activities. Fiat has worked a lot on the side of safety and the ability to use the vehicle.

A very simple aspect, but emblematic of the attention to detail, is the opening rear window, which can be ordered on request, just like the French sister vehicles.

Anyone who wants to buy the passenger version can count on a length of about 4.4 meters, and an internal configuration of up to three single seats, in the second row, which can however be folded to increase the load capacity.

On all rear seats, the Isofix system will be present, which is the standardized system for attaching child seats to the car. This equipment is certainly not widespread on all cars, also because some premium cars, such as the Mercedes T-class, are not equipped with this feature.

In terms of safety, you can count on the automatic road sign recognition system, but also emergency braking and lane keeping.

In the event that the driver is tired, it will be signaled by an alarm. The panoramic roof, as well as the rear view camera, are optional.

For lovers of driving with a view of the sky, the Magic Top, a panoramic glass that allows you to observe the sky comfortably seated in the car, cannot be missing in the configuration of the new Doblò.

To better manage all the maneuvers, there will be a 180 degree camera function, which allows a complete view of what is directly behind the vehicle. This new vehicle is therefore preparing to debut on the Italian and international market with a launch edition full of contents.

This edition is renamed Launch Edition and has a beautiful Mediterranean blue body color, with options inside such as 16-inch black alloy wheels, electrically folding mirrors, electric rear windows and tinted rear windows, as well as roof bars and to Magic Windows.

In terms of infotainment, the steering wheel will feature a multi-touch and soft-touch function, as well as a digital instrument cluster with a 10-inch display.

For those interested in the van version, however, interesting insights cannot be missing. Depending on the power supply, the van may even reach a ton of payload.

The new Doblò is available in the long wheelbase version, but also in the short wheelbase version, with a maximum volume of 4.4 meters.

The configuration possibilities are really very interesting, also thanks to the movable partition that allows you to modulate the load space and seats as needed.

For those in need, this commercial vehicle will be able to tell about two 1500 cubic centimeter turbodiesel engines with 100 horsepower, or 130 horsepower, also available with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Those who need a more compact petrol engine, on the other hand, have the 3-cylinder turbo petrol engine with 1200 cubic cm and 110 horsepower.

No information has yet been released regarding prices, but all in all it is assumed that the new Doblò has a configuration very similar to the previous ones.

The line is not completely upset and observing it from the front, it maintains this very tapered line that introduces the future Fiats of tomorrow.

The headlights are joined by this very thin strip, which characterizes the front and which dominates the new Fiat logo. The front, rear as well as lateral protective bands guarantee a robustness and ease of use without the anxiety of any aspect, within daily life.

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credit photo Stellantis media press