The ultra-powerful and performing version of the maxi SUV from the Sant'Agata Bolognese house was presented a few days ago.

When we talk about Lamborghini, we always talk about ultra-powerful and ultra-performance cars. Clearly the price is something elitist, and not everyone can afford the purchase of a Lamborghini. Anyone who buys a Lamborghini is always looking for the best in terms of performance.

In recent years a beautiful car has been created, declined within the SUV segment. We are talking about the beautiful exercise of drawing and mechanical engineering, renamed Urus.

No particular versions of it have been made… but now an even more powerful version has been presented, lower and lighter in terms of kg.

Lamborghini engineers have therefore managed to create a new upgrade in terms of power, for this maxi SUV.

It was presented in 2018, and until now it had been officially proposed in a single version, with a 4000 cubic cm engine. The engine structure was a V8 with double turbocharging and 650 horsepower.

This new variant allows for an even more powerful engine, with 16 more horsepower. The total horsepower therefore reaches 666, obtainable at 6000 rpm and a maximum torque of 850 Newton meters, which can be reached between 2300 and 4500 rpm.

In this way, acceleration times benefit from an advantage, and barely touch 3.3 seconds to sprint from 0 to 100 km per hour. The version that has been made so far had an acceleration time of about 3.6 seconds.

The transmission is 8-speed automatic, and therefore transmits all the power to the four-wheel drive in a progressive and fluid way.

To make the vehicle management optimal, the rear wheels are steered, in order to have a better overall management during maneuvering and driving.

Technological advances have allowed Lamborghini engineers to reduce weight, with a slimming cure of around 47 kg. The dry weight therefore goes from 2197 kg to 2150 kg.

The structure has also been modified, and has been lowered by 2 cm, while the carriageways have been widened.

For lovers of alloy wheels, it must be said that some changes have been made, bringing the size of the rim up to 23 inches.

As soon as you get in the driving seat of this maxi SUV, you can quickly appreciate the handling on the road. All this is also thanks to the driving modes, divided between Strada, Sport and Corsa.

However, Lamborghini engineers have created a new version of driving mode, renamed Rally, perfect for use on unpaved surfaces, leaving the rear rear more free and facilitating oversteering.

All these improvements are also transmitted on the aerodynamic side. Thanks also to various elements in visible carbon fiber, you can have a series of improvements in terms of air management and also a more optimal disposal of hot air from the engine.

The bumpers have been modified, starting with the front one, which has been equipped with new openings on the sides, in order to direct the flow of air along the sides.

The spoilers are larger and this allows for a more important downforce.

All these aerodynamic changes allow a significant increase in downforce, which crushes the car to the sound to the advantage, of course, of road holding. This aspect has been quantified by the Sant'Agata Bolognese house in about 38%.

Internally, no major changes have been made, as the interior perfection of the vehicle is really very high.

All this, of course, has a cost ... and it is very high indeed. Even in observance of the limited number of cars, it is difficult to see these beautiful cars on the road. The first deliveries will be made starting from the end of 2022.

For all those who have fallen in love with this new car, it will be necessary to make a transfer of approximately € 260,000. The difference between this version and the “traditional” one, which is still in production, is around € 35,000.

But be careful, because starting from 2024, the on-line rumors indicate the beginning of a production phase for a hybrid version. This is how Lamborghini is moving more and more towards a world of sustainable mobility, which is truly concrete and applicable also for all those who love these sacred monsters, in terms of performance and power.

It is not yet known when Lamborghini will make the first 100% electric car, but starting to embrace sustainable mobility, through the use of hybrid modes, makes all this even more interesting to listen to. In the meantime, we can console ourselves with these beautiful cars, destined for a lucky few, but which allow us to highlight how the style and engineering of Made in Italy, and in particular of the Motor Valley, is still very real.

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credit photo LAMBORGHINI media press