The two-wheeler division of BMW presents the new R18 in a very new and truly unusual realization. Let's find out together in every single detail.

Whenever a tuner goes to customize a bike, they see each one. BMW Motorrad wanted to put its R18 under the hands of Kingston Custom . The result is truly special and very unusual for a motorcycle. It is not the first time that BMW has made these changes to its two wheels. In the past it had also happened with Roland Sands.

For those unfamiliar with the company that created the elaboration, it is certainly a truly high-sounding name for extreme interpretations. There haven't been many changes in terms of technology though. In fact, the frame has been left intact and is exactly the 100% original . The reason is obvious: it is so sophisticated that nothing should be changed, according to Kingston Custom. Clearly the exteriors have been revisited.

The first aspect that immediately catches the eye is certainly the fairing . Furthermore, the handlebars and mudguards are not spared. At the rear, the saddle has been derived from the range of universal accessories, as well as the direction indicators have been replaced and even the LED headlight is now integrated into the fairing. The suspensions and the tank were instead left intact.

Buying a BMW R18 means choosing a model that is at least historic and easily identifiable. Two-wheel enthusiasts and the most technical, immediately see traces of the famous BMW R5 on the bike in question.

The decision to entrust the development of the R18 to this excellent tuner is linked, in our opinion, to the perfect ability to express a feeling of freedom in the best possible way. When it comes to developing a motorcycle or car, everyone could be tempted to hastily replace a whole host of aspects and features.

Dirk Oehlerking, designer and craftsman and founder of Kingston Custom, in his over 35 years of experience in the field, has always worked out the bikes first inside his own mind. The ability to see and glimpse the future of a motorcycle in the stylistic lines certainly passes from a critical and visionary eye.

Motorcycles, according to Dirk, always convey soul, charm and character . As soon as he sees a motorcycle - according to Dirk himself in a note from BMW - a whole series of images pass through his mind, which he then decides to concentrate and choose some of them. Once the creative flow has been worked out, he takes the pencil and begins to draw and continues to do it until he can define the bike that is perfectly in line with his being.

According to Dirk, although we repeat 35 years of field work behind him, it was the most difficult test in terms of imagination and creativity . This is not the first time he has worked on BMW, but rather the third. However, it was also a challenge for a super master of customizations.

The result in our opinion is something really beautiful. It may be in line with people's tastes or even not, but it is certainly a unique object that allows you to stand out as much as ever on a two-wheeler.

credit photo BMW media press