In this article we will analyze how important relationship marketing is in order to build a profitable and lasting relationship with your customers.

Relationships with customers are essential in order to create a lasting and profitable bond. We therefore try to understand how the customer relationship is not a simple detail, but is a crucial aspect for the success and survival of an economic activity.

Within this article, we will talk in particular about workshops and the automotive world. It is a very complex reality, which can really count hundreds of thousands of workshops and professionals, in Italy and in Europe.

Every single workshop must constantly improve itself, precisely because the evolutionary process never stops. Improving yourself also means improving the loyalty rate towards the brand.

The advice we want to give in this article is therefore the definition of relationship marketing strategies. It is therefore necessary to give value and personalize the relationship with the customer.

The impact of loyalty on sales allows for a constant increase in certain revenues. This is because the customer is in a comfort zone, and returns to spend at the business as often as possible.

In simple terms, we must implement actions that fall within the maxi concept of "marketing psychology".

The customer must in fact be at the center of business thinking, thus allowing a better stay of the latter within the economic activity.

Returning for a moment to the focus of the article, let's try to understand what it is when it comes to "relationship marketing". Put simply, it is a set of strategies that aim to build lasting relationships with customers.

Within it, we find methodologies in order to give value and personalize the experience. We are not talking about single sales transactions, but about the desire to build lasting relationships.

Relational marketing takes the place of transactional marketing, i.e. that linked to the single product and the single sale.

The first phase of relationship marketing is customer attraction, the moment in which the brand and the customer get to know each other. Subsequently, the brand must be able to arouse interest, through a very clear connection. The third step is related to courtship, i.e. the customer begins to ask for information.

Subsequently, the first sale is concluded, and therefore the first economic transaction. The last phase is linked to after-sales customer satisfaction: the customer must be linked by the company itself through a subsequent loyalty process.

We must therefore create emotional connections, without exaggerating, otherwise we will become overwhelming. To do this, we need to know our customers, but we need to really know them, within their contexts and their needs.

If the workshop is well aware of what the customers actually want, and how they can be satisfied, then the problem is very simple.

We try to create a first innovative way, through a personalized service. Presenting itself in new channels such as YouDriver, it is possible to intercept a very large slice of the Automotive market.

Subsequently, you have to make use of the incentives and rewards for loyalty. This is already present in YouDriver and in the discounts linked to YouDriver card.

Subsequently, by asking for feedback, we always try to create a process that is used and optimized as much as possible.

The process of personalized service is fundamental and this starts from the dialogue with people and not with consumers.

In fact, we must enter into the perspective of considering the final customers, as people with their own ideas and needs.

Only if we really understand what people's problems are, can we then understand how we can create a personalized service and a personalized offer.

The success of a workshop in 2022 is linked to personalized experiences that are based on the interests of potential customers.

Let's not talk about the price battle! Indeed, this strategy takes us far from the price battle, which is now too often seen online. In fact, we cannot go to duel with the penny to attract the customer!

The rewards are very important, as are the incentives. YouDriver allows you to reach a loyal audience, thus achieving success, as quickly as possible for your workshop.

The growth of relationships, in terms of quantity and quality, therefore depends a lot on these steps that must be carried out consistently.

In fact, we cannot think that to assume that the revolution of our workshop takes place in a simple week.

The work team must be well coordinated, in order not to have problems in certain areas. In this way, the customer will be able to speak both with the owner, but also with the secretary or the mechanics, thus having a feeling of a compact team, able to perceive and intuit the needs of individual customers.

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