The car manufacturer of the four rings has unveiled the new zero-emission SUV vehicle as a world premiere. Let's find out together.

As the days go by, the world of sustainable mobility also seems to be revolutionizing during 2021. If 2020 was a year characterized by the covid-19 pandemic and car manufacturers remained fundamental in the presentations of new cars, these days are truly thrilling in every single aspect.

If at the Shanghai International Automotive Show, we are seeing a whole series of ultra-interesting news, Audi has decided to present its new car destined to duel within the Premium medium SUVs.

The starting price, given the incentives, should be around € 35,000. It is clear that this price is absolutely competitive and will indeed pose a very important challenge to all those who would like to buy an electric vehicle but are reluctant for too high prices.

The car is not too big and therefore allows you to combine a perfect space for mobility within the city, with a spacious livability for a family. It could therefore be the first electric car for many people as the Audi brand has always been synonymous with premium quality.

The car was built on the MEB modular platform , the same that is used by the Volkswagen group and we have seen installed on the ID3. The dimensions of the car are approximately 4 meters and 60 cm long, 1 meter 86 wide and 1 meter 61 high.

Looking at it from the outside, you immediately recognize the Audi style which has been embellished with an electric variation. In fact, there are no ventilation slots in the front and the headlights are minimized and set almost under the front hood. Looking at it from the outside, you immediately notice a mix of taut lines in the lower part of the car, which contrast with the soft but minimal lines of the upper part.

The car is represented in the traditional version, but will also be joined by the Sportback version , a car with a decidedly arched rear window that gives a nod to Coupé cars.

The car in question will certainly not sin in terms of technology. In fact, the classic Matrix led headlights will be available, but many other features have yet to be fully revealed. The head up display with augmented reality characterizes the interior of the car, as well as the new steering wheels announced by Audi and a 10-inch digital instrumentation as standard, already available in the entry-level version. The largest screen ever mounted in an Audi car, featuring 11.6-inch touchscreen technology, also makes its debut.

In terms of power, you can have a range starting from about 340 km, up to about 500 km on the Sportback . To recharge this car it will take about 38 minutes to go from 5% to 80%. For all those who are worried about being able to easily recharge this technological jewel, Audi recalls that there are about 15,000 charging points contained within the Audi e-tron charging service and another 200,000 scattered throughout Europe. Recharging will also be very simple and effective as a single card will be needed to access all the charging columns. The service also includes special rates with the Ionity network and is free for the first 12 months from the first registration.

Not bad then as an SUV made by the German house. A real little electric attraction gem

credit photo Audi media press