A study by the University of California claimed that one in five Americans living in the land of sun and waves decided to ditch electric cars and plugins after owning them.

Sustainable mobility is certainly one of the aspects regarding the future of the car. In fact, if we look at the news that are released by the car manufacturers, we will surely notice how the companies are investing heavily in electric traction.

The first ever was Toyota and then all the others. # Volkswagen is unveiling a whole range of electric-only cars and recently stated that they will take the vast majority of the market within a few years.

Certainly there are huge interests behind it as far as the economic transaction and environmental transaction are concerned. Let us never forget that new technologies are the bearers of technological innovations and very high margins. In fact, the evil ones claim that these are the real reasons for the ecological transition.

It goes without saying that the Italian government and the various international governments are pushing in this respect. Economic incentives are widespread in Italy for all those who want to buy a electric or hybrid car. Electric charging stations are quite common in our country, even if we probably still have to get used to waiting several minutes for a full recharge.

Despite this in the United States of America, California has always been a state that pushed and favored the development of electric cars.

According to a recent study by the University of California, as many as one in 5 drivers who used an electric car or plugin decided to abandon it after using it for some time. T he main reason that led the Americans to return to thermal motorization is above all linked to the difficulty of identifying electric columns.

In fact, not everyone can boast a garage and carry out an electric recharge at night or during the day. The ability of the car to carry out a complete recharge in terms of autonomy must also be considered. In fact, if Tesla is capable of storing a high amount of autonomy expressed in km, the other cars are more deficient in this respect.

That is why the Americans have decided to partially return to thermal cars. The practicality of using a thermal car with the simple refueling at any point is in fact still a fundamental aspect.

As we said at the beginning, the main problem for the development of electric cars is charging and charging times. From around 2025, solid-state battery forms should develop in a more important way and this would allow to increase autonomy and reduce recharging times.

In this way then you could make a reduction of unhappy people after using electric cars. An appointment therefore in a few years, to understand how the Automotive market has changed and people's perceptions have changed over the years.