The German automotive giant presented the new generation of its medium sedan perfect for the family. It is now only available in the station wagon version.

In the 80s and 90s it was a real master for all representatives, and for very large families.

In fact, the classic SUVs were not present on the market, but in recent years they have taken the lead in market shares. If you wanted a spacious car, you definitely went for a visit to the Volkswagen dealer, to see the new Passat in person.

Over the years, Volkswagen has refined this car more and more, in order to create a truly excellent product in many respects. We have therefore arrived at the ninth generation of the Volkswagen Passat, which will arrive at the beginning of 2024.

Compared to the previous model it grows a lot, precisely by 14 cm. In this way the length will reach 491 cm.

Inside it it will be possible to find a whole series of new features, from electronics to the multimedia system. The finishes are very refined, and highlight a leap in quality between the eighth and ninth generations.

For those who need a lot of trunk, they will certainly not find themselves in difficulty thanks to the 690 liters available in the traditional version (while in the hybrid version the space decreases slightly). By folding down all the seats, you can even reach 1900 liters of space!

Looking at the car externally, you immediately notice that no major restyling activity has been carried out. The continuity with the previous model is clear. In fact, there are no particular upheavals, but the lines are clean and made much more modern.

At the front and rear, we don't have much news. What catches the eye instead are the innovations inside the car.

The multimedia system screen is cantilevered, and is positioned centrally and raised. This is a very common solution now among cars, and practical for car interior designers. In this way the entire car can be managed comfortably from a simple tablet, which is inserted in the upper part of the dashboard.

The majority of the keys have been eliminated, in order to give aesthetic importance to this screen. The screen size is really important, as it starts from 13 inches, but can also be 15 inches in the Premium version.

The multimedia system has been further perfected, with a richer, but above all more intuitive interface.

This car is characterized by a dual-clutch robotic gearbox, which therefore allows for large spaces all around the driver and passenger.

The transmission control is also a lever, and has been moved behind the steering wheel on the right. The same goes for the control to manage the lights and windshield wipers, which is positioned on the left.

If we want to set a particular temperature inside the new Volkswagen Passat, we will have to manage it clearly via touch. The physical controls have been eliminated, and this has been chosen to create an extreme cleanliness of the interior.

The touch is very sensitive and therefore allows easy interaction with it. In this way, getting on board the car will be like being in a small spaceship, where everything is digitalised.

However, it cannot be ruled out that physical buttons may return in the future, as can be read in some online rumours.

Under the hood, Volkswagen presents different types of engines starting from the classic 2000 cubic cm diesel with three horsepower configurations. We start from 122 horsepower and go up to 150 or 193 horsepower.

If we wanted to choose the petrol configuration, we will have a 2000 cubic centimeter with a turbocharger of 204 or 265 horsepower.

In the event that we are friends of sustainable mobility, and decide to purchase the car with hybrid engines, we will be able to choose between a 150 horsepower Mild Hybrid with 1500 cubic cm with turbo compressor or a plug-in with 204 or 272 horsepower.

The plugin configurations and the ability to quickly recharge the car are interesting. The Volkswagen Passat is characterized by the ability to recharge at up to 50 kW in super-fast direct current charging stations.

In this way, just 25 minutes will be enough to go from 10% up to 80%. According to what was declared by the parent company, the car will be able to be driven in fully electric mode for approximately 100 km.

This data is very interesting, and allows you to operate the car in fully electric mode within the city for a whole day. Therefore, for all those who are looking for a very spacious car, perfect for driving in the city, with plenty of boot space, here is the perfect car.

In the event that we were representatives, and were no longer interested in driving the classic SUV, Volkswagen Passat therefore represents an excellent exercise and an excellent solution to be analyzed in detail.

There is no talk at the moment of a fully electric version, as Volkswagen has currently created a series of totally electric cars separate from the classic endothermic cars that it has always produced.

We don't know if in ten years' time, Volkswagen will continue to produce Volkswagen Passat in endothermic mode for Europe. What we can imagine, however, is that this ninth generation will gain interest from that whole range of people who are looking for a performance car within the classic station wagons.

It should be noted that Volkswagen decided to no longer produce the sedan version, as it was something really unattractive for the Italian and European markets. In fact, the Volkswagen Passat has always been associated with the concept of the station wagon, and there were very few sedan cars.

There is no information regarding prices. We will therefore have to wait a few more months to be able to see it live in Volkswagen dealerships starting from the first months of 2024.


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credit photo VOLKSWGEN media press