If a car is successful, it must surely have an heir to it. It is the perfect example of the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe which has now been presented in the second generation. Let's see what changes and what are the Premium effects of this car.

BMW wanted to give a worthy refresh to one of its most emblematic cars of recent years. We are talking about the # series4, declined in the Gran # Coupé version. It was a milestone in terms of design and line innovation.

We all remember perfectly well how BMW shook people's hearts when it presented the two maxi kidneys in the front of the car on the occasion of the first generation of the 4 series.

After a first and normal sense of bewilderment, people's tastes have aligned with the BMW proposals. So here we are now to the new generation of the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe which has been improved in several respects.

The interiors have been improved and made even more Premium in terms of comfort and functionality to connectivity.

If we look at the car from the front three quarters, we see how the two kidneys have been maintained, but a whole series of aspects have been refined.

The taut lines manage to be bold, but at the same time soft and give a sense of unity and compactness to the car. The object headlights have been the subject of important and major interventions. Although they are very thin, they are equipped with truly exceptional technology.

It is in fact possible to have adaptive headlights with Laser Light technology that allows you to have a very optimal vision and the best technology ever had. For all those who do not wish to be satisfied, BMW has decided to make BMW Selective Beam and High Beam Assist possible as an option.

As soon as we get in the car, we immediately agree that comfort and precision of assembly is something maniacal within BMW.

The center console has been positioned at the top and this allows to give airiness and spaciousness to the car. The front seats, together with the entire dashboard and also the internal door panels, convey a sense of envelopment and comfort for the passengers.

BMW has always allowed the possibility to infinitely customize your car. We are talking not only about technology, but also about the possibility of having infinite types of coatings, from the most traditional to the most precious ones. We are thinking, for example, of all the different forms of leather that can be chosen and that can therefore make it possible to have a car that is as unique as possible.

Obviously, there is no lack of all aspects related to driving comfort and therefore also to a dedicated audio system made by Harman-Kardon.

In terms of engine, we have both the possibility of choosing a traditional petrol but also a diesel. As for the diesel, we have a power capacity equal to 190 horsepower distributed on a 4-cylinder, while the greatest power obtainable from a petrol is equal to 374 horsepower in the definition of six cylinders in line.

The car will presumably be on the market around November and no information has yet been released regarding the price list.