The rental service linked to the Stellatis world has decided to launch a new package dedicated to electric compact SUVs. This is a transversal offer that passes from Peugeot to Opel up to the innovative DS. Let's find out together.

The world of long-term rental or in any case of rental in general is achieving excellent results. Lately, people are increasingly looking for mobility solutions that are not related to the one-time purchase of the car.

If once cars were bought with a single economic transaction between the user and the dealership, now this is no longer the case. The rental company connected to the Stellantis world or still closely connected to the Fiat world, has decided to expand its services offered.

We all know how the world of SUVs has been fully expanding for several years now, and in particular those related to compact dimensions recently. We all also know how fundamental the world of sustainable mobility and in particular of electric vehicles is.

By combining these two factors, Leasys has created an offer specifically dedicated to the rental of vehicles powered only by electric traction within the world of SUVs. This is how Carcloud e-Nergy was born.

Thanks to the Stellantis world it is in fact possible to choose models that are perfect for the city but also for going out of town, driven only by an electric drive.

We are talking about the Peugeot e-2008, Opel Mokka and # DS3 crossback e-tense.

To get started, simply buy an Amazon voucher which is renewable for up to 12 months. This way of getting into possession of a car obviously allows you to enjoy all the services of sustainable mobility without worries.

Once you've signed up for a one-time € 249 Amazon membership, simply convert your membership voucher and book one of the three compact SUVs for € 499 per month.

The subscription, as we have said, can be renewed for up to 12 months and can have a minimum duration of 30 days. Within these € 499 there is obviously no shortage of RC Auto policy as well as kasko and theft coverage, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

In order to allow the fastest recharging, the readings of the supplied cable are obviously equipped and it is possible to recharge free of charge at all Leasys Mobility Stores around Italy.

Alternatively, it is obviously also possible to top up at the public charging stations, in this case for a fee. This new service from Leasys and the Stellantis world in general is perfect as it completely manages to merge these two new market trends, namely the sustainable mobility of electric SUVs, with the concept of rental.

Furthermore, the Leasys formula, also in collaboration with Amazon and the practicality of a leading website in the world as regards economic transactions, therefore allows us to have a vehicle that is always ready and always available.

Keeping the car for 12 months also authorizes us to always have a new car every year, thus obtaining the maximum performance from our car.

credit photo STELLANTIS media press