The Japanese company has decided to market the new version of the 200 kg lighter maxi SUV and now also in an ultra sporty, almost rally version.

For big fans of SUVs and in particular of the Toyota world, here is the maxi SUV par excellence. We are talking about the Toyota LandCruiser which is one of the largest SUVs around.

As we all know, the weight of the SUVs is really important and the new Land Cruiser has undergone a diet of 200 kg to be more performing and in step with the times.

Using the GA-F platform it was possible to make this cut in the overall weight as well as increasing the stiffness of the frame by 20% . On the car we also find a new hybrid-hydraulic steering system as well as an optimized suspension.

The frame with side members has been confirmed while on the exterior the number of steel plates has increased and aluminum has also been applied in the door panels, on the roof and the bonnet.

The powertrain was lowered and this made it possible to decrease the distance from the center of gravity to the ground. The vehicle is more stable and can drive on roads better.

As for the engines, we will debut a 3.500 cubic centimeter gasoline with double turbocharger capable of delivering 415 horsepower. For diesel enthusiasts we will have a double turbo with 3,300 cubic centimeters and 309 horsepower.

As far as consumption is concerned, Toyota is very proud to report how the figures related to petrol have fallen by 18%, while the figures for diesel have decreased by 45%.

There is also an ultrasport version called Land Cruiser GR Sport. It derives from the sportier side of the Japanese house or from the direct experience of the Paris-Dakar.

The aesthetic detail is very aggressive and in fact black details stand out including the bumpers, the front grille, the moldings as well as of course the 18-inch aluminum wheels with dark gray finishes.

Climbing aboard the car, we immediately notice how this sporty version of this maxi SUV has been remodeled using the GR Sport indication. To better drive the car, the traction management selector has also been inserted, which allows you to select between 6 driving modes, namely:

  • Dirt
  • Sand
  • Mud
  • Deep
  • Snow
  • Rock.

This new system also allows thanks to the use of 4 cameras positioned in the front rear area and on the sides of the vehicle, in order to assist the driver in the most particular passages in off-road vehicles.

It is also possible to take photographs and overlay individual photos to have a totally immersive effect when crossing small streams or paths.

The infotainment has been redesigned with a 12-inch screen that also allows information on the inclination of the car as well as the engagement of the self-locking differential and the percentages of power used.

Aesthetically this car has been retouched although the DNA of the Land Cruiser can be recognized immediately. Toyota has done a great job of modernizing something already very successful.

There are currently no numerical values as regards prices and we should therefore wait a little longer.

credit photo TOYOTA media press